Empire Apex 2 Review: Shoot Further and Around Obstacles

If you frequently find yourself firing at an opponent who is just out of range (or camped behind the bush or bunker), the Empire Paintball Apex 2 is a good option. Not only will Apex 2 enable you to fire longer than before, but it also allows you to shoot around obstructions, allowing you to finally hit those previously unreachable players.

All of this is made possible by an amazing but simple design that spins the ball when it exits the barrel’s end. The Apex 2 may then be rotated to determine which way the ball should curve. This entire technique may appear complex at first glance, but after a little practice, you’ll be able to master it in no time. Let’s dive into the remainder of the Apex 2 review so you can understand precisely how this barrel works, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, and if we believe this is the ideal paintball barrel for every player.

Longer range

If you enjoy playing woodsball and rec ball, I’m sure you’ve seen circumstances where a little more range could have resulted in an additional elimination or two. That’s where the Apex 2 kicks in, since it allows you to enhance your range at any time.

If you want to extend the shooting range, just simply move the flexible slider on top of the hopper forward. This movable slider has nine distinct settings, each of which lowers a rubber ramp within the Apex. When a paintball strikes this rubber ramp, it causes the ball to take on backspin, which can cause it to fly longer or curve in the air ( this depends on how far you push the slider forward).

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Advancing the slider forward a few notches causes the ball to travel further with a straighter trajectory, however moving it beyond that causes the ball to curve. You may also press the slider all the way back (toward the marker) to entirely remove the Apex’s backspin.

Flatter trajectory

While the increased range is excellent, the ability to fire with a flatter trajectory is my personal favorite feature of the Apex 2. Instead of tilting your gun back and hoping for the best, you can really aim at what you’re aiming at.

Firing with a flat trajectory is also useful in a variety of other scenarios, such as when firing at someone hiding behind a far tree. You won’t have to wait for a random bullet to pass through the twigs over their heads; instead, you may shoot straight at them by changing the trajectory slider to the proper level.

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Shoot over obstacles

Shooting around curves and over barriers brings us a whole new realm of elimination options. Unfortunately, being able to correctly curve your paint bullets through the air such that you can strike your target takes some practice.

You must not only set the slider to the proper position, but you must also twist the Apex 2 to determine which way the bullet will bend. Most of the time, it’s preferable to just lay down heavy fire and try to get a better perspective on your opponent.

However, there will be times when the Apex’s curve feature comes in useful, and you’ll be pleased you have it.

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There are no tools required.

Another amazing feature of the Apex 2 is that it can be disassembled without the need of any tools. Granted, it’s kept together by five O-rings, so dismantling it isn’t exactly simple. As a result, we advise against attempting to disassemble it while on the battlefield.

Last Thoughts

If you wish to blast paintballs longer (with a flatter trajectory) and bend them around obstacles, the Apex 2 could be the right choice. The Flatline is the only barrel that can match with the Apex 2’s capabilities, but it isn’t meant to accomplish much other than expand your range, and it can only be used with Tippmann markers.

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