Game Aviator: features

Game Aviator: features

The most famous slot machine in the world is called Aviator by Spribe. In the menu of many of the world’s most popular online casinos, Aviator is highlighted in a separate section on the menu as the most popular new game. It belongs to a new generation of slot machines. In 2019, the Aviator slot has a new line.

Why is this unique product so attractive? The main advantage of Spribe Aviator game logic is that multiple players can play at the same time. Players can exchange strategies and achieve success by playing in the chat. New cryptographic technology with proven integrity gives players security and reliability.

Features of the game Aviator

In the game Aviator, players can participate in the community. The main features of the gameplay include:

  • In-game chat. Members can chat with other players using the chat tool on the right and make friends while playing. Emoticons and GIFs are available to exchange jokes with other players. Built-in tools allow you to share statistics for each round played.
  • Live rates. The panel to the right of the screen displays the number of players who participated in the round and their stakes.
  • Live statistics. You can see the leaderboard with the highest accumulated profits and cash flow ratios for the day, month, or year.
  • Free bets. You can bet on lotteries and play for free.
  • Action “Rain”. This feature allows players to instantly claim the free bets that sometimes appear in the chat by selecting the Claim button.
  • Aviarace competition. In addition to the standard game, you can participate in tournaments to earn extra points. The best players will receive additional bonuses, free bets, or other unique prizes.

Each round lasts from 8 to 30 seconds, so the player will reach the result in less than one minute. With the help of the second betting panel, you can increase your chance of winning. Each speed has a positive potential of 100 times.

How to play Aviator?

To start playing, visit a reliable online casino with this gameplay and click on the Aviator button or link quickly. Then you need to choose the size of the bet and activate it. As soon as the plane takes off, press the stop button. Whoever finishes before the plane disappears from the screen will be declared the winner. It is determined by the initial bet and the win rate.

The game is wholly or partly controlled by the computer. This is done in the bid menu, where there is an “Auto” slider. Switch to it, and artificial intelligence will control your emotions. Many players use this mode to practice their strategies when it takes a long time to make a profit.

Summing up

Aviator is a free game that you can play online. To do this, you can hone your skills in the demo version. You can quickly check the lobby in real time because the statistics on the right list the chances of the opposing teams winning. With this, you can make sure that the machine works honestly and find out information for betting in the future. There is also the aforementioned chat room which is constantly active due to player interactions.

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