Elevating Molecular Diagnostics: Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor

In the dynamic landscape of molecular diagnostics, Tianlong continues to lead the way with its groundbreaking GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor. This compact and versatile automatic extractor is engineered with rotary mixing technology (RMT), offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in nucleic acid extraction. With a focus on user-friendly design and innovative features, GeneFlex sets a new standard for molecular testing solutions, empowering laboratories with enhanced capabilities and streamlined workflows.

Flexibility Redefined

At the core of GeneFlex lies its remarkable flexibility, allowing for the composition of 16 x n different throughputs to cater to diverse extraction requirements. Whether it’s simultaneous extraction for multiple projects or immediate testing tasks, GeneFlex adapts effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance without any interference between samples. With its independent extraction modules, GeneFlex offers unparalleled versatility, empowering laboratories to meet the demands of various applications with ease and precision.

Enhanced Automation and Connectivity

GeneFlex streamlines workflows with automated features, including automatic identification of reagent protocols and the position of mixing sleeves. Moreover, its remote upgrade and maintenance capabilities enable seamless integration of new instruments and reagent programs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. With the ability to start experiments anywhere, GeneFlex provides unparalleled convenience and accessibility, allowing laboratories to adapt to different testing scenarios with ease and flexibility.

Superior Contamination Control and User Experience

GeneFlex prioritizes user safety and convenience with its comprehensive contamination control measures. Equipped with UV lamps, internal negative pressure systems, HEPA filtration, and rotary mixing technology to reduce aerosols, GeneFlex minimizes the risk of contamination, even when working with highly contaminated samples. Additionally, its user-friendly interface, featuring a 6.86-inch touch screen and smartphone/tablet APP control with Wi-Fi connectivity, ensures effortless operation and seamless integration into laboratory workflows. With automatic shutdown after UV disinfection and noise-free design, GeneFlex offers a hassle-free and efficient user experience, enhancing productivity and peace of mind in the laboratory.


Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor represents a paradigm shift in molecular diagnostics, combining unparalleled flexibility, automation, and contamination control measures to deliver superior performance and user experience. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, GeneFlex empowers laboratories to achieve new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in nucleic acid extraction. As laboratories strive to meet the evolving demands of molecular testing, GeneFlex emerges as the ideal solution, revolutionizing the way we approach molecular diagnostics and advancing the forefront of healthcare innovation.

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