Cricket betting in Parimatch — how to bet on the European cricket league T10 matches

Cricket today is the NO.1 sport in India but in other countries, its popularity is for sure not that high. That’s why the most famous tournament there is the European cricket league T10. This is the newest competition that was established only in 2019 Daniel Weston. Interestingly, he made that decision after the Champions League model. The European t10 odds on are already available via the sportsbook’s official website where all the bettors will find also some really wide betting lines and generous bonuses for even more winning bets. But before making the first bet it’s better to learn the Cricket rules and all of the main features of this exact tournament.

European cricket league T10 in Parimatch — main features and bets types

So the European cricket league T10 is not only the newest but also there some more important information to learn before to start betting. But still if you a real cricket fan then there are will be no problem with forecasting all the matches there. Due to the actual European cricket league T10, there are will be held 17 matches in this format. Because of that, the event will be massive and all the bettors will have many great opportunities for profitable betting.

But for much better results try to find more information about the players’ shape and their motivation. And you could choose between the prematch and LIVE betting because both are available for the Parimatch India clients after the simple registration and deposit. Also in a live format, you can get access to the video broadcast option but for that, you will need some money on your account balance. It should be noted that in 2022 it will be the second edition of ECL and held at the Cartama Oval (Málaga, Spain). The current dates are 7 February 2022 – 19 March 2022.

Betting line for the European cricket league T10 matches – choose the best bet

So now when you already have some basic information about the European cricket league T10 you can start to learn the betting line via the official Parimatch website. There you will find the next available markets:

  • main outcomes;
  • totals (of runs for the whole match, or the runs for some part of the game);
  • handicaps (for runs or the whole match)!

Also, there are will be available the special markets and the best choice of it you will see during the match (in the LIVE format). For example, you can bet on which team will serve first in a match (toss outcome). There are bets on winning the first innings and don’t forget about the separate bets on the individual players’ statistics. Also, there are will be available the long-term bets for the European cricket league T10 matches but those markets are really difficult the forecasting. That’s why for the newbies in cricket betting it’s better to start from the main outcomes or totals. Or even you can try to bet in LIVE where understanding the real chances for the win will be actually so simple.

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