B2B Portals for Manufacturers

In the business world, different manufacturers produce similar products and they are all continuously competing for the same customers. The manufacturers that are quickest to adopt top-notch solutions such as B2B portals can stay a step ahead of the competition. If a competitor starts using a solution that offers a seamless shopping experience for its customers, a business risks losing its loyal customers if you do not do the same. 

The customer experience is an essential aspect of every business’s operations. As a manufacturer, you must strive to provide a unique customer experience that will help to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. This means using a B2B eCommerce platform that has a portal for manufacturers integrated with it. 

For those businesses that are not yet using a B2B portal for manufacturers, it is not too late. You can still move to adopt this solution which comes with great functionality aimed at enhancing the user experience for customers. In this post, we look at the features of a top B2B portal for manufacturers and how one can help your business. Let’s get started. 

How a B2B portal for manufacturers can benefit your business

Pricing and inventory checks

Not all the customers that visit your page intend to shop. Some of them do it to check the prices of your products and whether or not the product is available. This process must be made as simple as possible without the customer having to add the product to the cart and then visiting the cart to find the information they are seeking. 

A B2B portal solution can help customers check the availability of a product as well as the price quickly. If a customer intends to do a contract pricing and a real-time inventory check this feature comes in handy. Note that not all B2B portals for manufacturers come with this amazing feature—a reason why you should consider Virto Commerce-based portals. 

Integration with other software

A B2B portal for manufacturers will be of no use if it cannot be easily integrated with a business’s other software applications. Businesses use different software solutions for their platforms and these solutions need to work together for seamless workflows. 

B2B portals for manufacturers use application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it possible to integrate with your enterprise resource programming solution such as Sage, SAP, Dynamics, and so on. This can help prevent incidences of customers placing orders quoting the wrong prices or using a different SKU unit which will later affect their user experience. 

Key features of a B2B portal for manufactures

Personalized product catalog

With a B2B portal for manufacturers, you can not only manage all products in your catalog but also your content from one platform. This makes it easier to process orders while on the customer side, bulk ordering is streamlined. The catalog can be easily linked with your ERP solution for easy order processing. 

Order and stock management

Your distributors can utilize this portal to build order drafts, submit orders and quotes, reorder, and check on the status of orders at their own convenience. This helps you build a great relationship with your distributors as everything is kept transparent. 

Account-based pricing and marketing

You can use this solution to offer customized prices for different customers that buy from you. Customers can view products, get custom quotes and you can even create custom promotions targeting specific customers. 

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