5 Signs of Early Stage Dementia to Be Aware Of

Noticing and dealing with the early signs of dementia development can make a big difference to how this disease progresses over time. When dementia is noticed and diagnosed during the early stages, there is a better chance of medication being prescribed to slow down this disease and prevent damage to the brain. If you are concerned for an elderly relative and suspect that they might be developing dementia, here are some of the early signs that you should look out for.

Memory Loss

Issues with memory loss are often one of the first signs of dementia. However, memory loss can be caused by a number of other conditions and is often simply a general sign of aging. If you are concerned, this dementia quiz can help you determine whether or not your loved one’s memory loss is a sign of dementia or due to something else. Most often, memory loss from dementia will come on quite quickly and you may notice that your loved one is forgetting about things that they used to remember well, such as names, telephone numbers, appointments, or information that they have recently been given.

Trouble Completing Everyday Tasks

Forgetting how to do everyday tasks like making a cup of tea, cooking their favorite meal, driving to a familiar location, or even locking a door can be a common early sign of dementia. If your senior loved one is developing dementia, you might notice that they are suddenly having problems with doing things that they were quite proficient in before.

Communication Issues

Problems with communication is a common sign that is reported in people developing the early stages of dementia. You may notice that your loved one has problems following a conversation when this was never something that they had struggled with previously. They may forget more words when they are mid-sentence, use words out of context, or forget the names of common items or people that they are familiar with.

Mood Swings

Unexplained personality changes and mood swings can also be an early sign that somebody is developing dementia. During the early stages of dementia development, you may notice that your relative is becoming more anxious, suspicious, confused, or generally down. They may experience more panic attacks, depression, and extreme mood swings, or become very upset due to confusion or uncertainty.

Poor Judgement

Poor judgment and deteriorating decision-making skills are another sign that somebody might be developing the early stages of dementia. If you have a loved one who is in the early stages of developing dementia, you might notice things like impulsive spending, a decline in personal hygiene, or paying less attention to keeping their surroundings tidy and clean. They might forget to shower or brush their teeth, wear the same clothes continuously, or struggle to manage their money when they were always good with it, for example.

While dementia is not something that will affect every senior, it’s important to know what the main symptoms are and look out for them if you are concerned for an elderly relative. The sooner you spot the signs, the earlier measures can be taken to minimize the impact of this condition.

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