4 Ways To Send Anonymous Messages To Your Friend

4 Ways To Send Anonymous Messages To Your Friend

Picture this scenario that there is a secret that you want to tell your friends but you want to send it also in a secret way. It can be a conversation that you want to keep private and wish that the anonymous message that you are sending to your friend will not be saved or disappear immediately after the target person read them. 

You will be amazed to know that this is possible and easy to do. There are even some online platforms like Privnote that let you create and send a private note online. There are also some other ways that you can use. 

We have described four ways that help send anonymous messages to friends. 

  1. Send Secret Message Link

Now we are living in the digital era and if you want to send an online secret message to your friend with a high level of privacy then the best option to choose is sending a disappearing message. 

Privnote is an amazing platform that lets you create a secret anonymous message which you can share on any platform with your friends. The message will be end-to-end encrypted and self-destruct automatically once your friend opens it for the first time. 

Step By Step Guideline

Following are the steps that you need to follow to create a secret online message: 

Step 1. Go to the official website of Privnote and type that message that you want to send your friend secretly. 

Step 2. Hit the “create note” button and then you will be provided with the unique link. 

Step 3. Email the link or select and copy it and then share it with your friends through any platform. 

  1. Reverse Alphabet Technique

This is an amazingly creative way to send an anonymous message. Here you need to write the alphabet A to Z in such a way that you write the alphabet out from A to Z under Z to A, Y will be under B, and so on. 

Now you will write the message by using the backward alphabet and your friend will decode it by doing the same process.

  1. Use Invisible Ink

Another way is to use an invisible link instead of blue or black ink. You can create your invisible link by mixing water in lemon juice or vinegar and then using it as ink to write on a piece of paper. To read the message your friend needs to put the paper in front of the lamp. 

  1. Write With a White Crayon Letter 

Another way that you can use is to take a white crayon and write your secret message with the help of its paper. Ensure that you press down hard while you are writing. Your friend will be able to read the message by covering the page with a highlighter, paint, or a marker. 

Final Verdict

The given article describes four different ways that you can use to send anonymous messages to your friends. All the methods are useful but sending a secret message link through Privnote is the best way because the message will be deleted automatically but in another way, your secret can be accessed by others. 

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