0.5/1 soccer bets – Instructions on how to bet for huge profits

0.5/1 soccer bet is one of the popular types of online betting and is favored by many players. To win, players need to have a deep understanding of football and the ability to accurately evaluate situations that may occur on the field. Let’s learn how to play this type of bet right below.

Learn about the definition of 0.5/1 soccer odds

0.5/1 soccer bet  Also known by other names as 3/4 handicap or 0.75, is one of the most popular types of handicap bets in soccer betting at New88. The following is a comparison between the 0.5/1 Over/Under odds and the Asian odds.

Application of 0.5/1 soccer odds in Asian odds

In Asian handicap, 0.5/1 soccer bet  gives an insight into how the betting markets work and how bookmakers price matches. When a team is handicapped at 0.5/1, this signals that the bookmaker believes that team is likely to win by more than one goal.

This creates an extra layer of strategy and analysis, as players need to consider not only the relative strengths of the two teams but also how these strengths will manifest on the field:

  • The handicap team wins by 1 goal, the bettor wins half the amount.
  • The handicap team wins by 2 goals or more, the bettor wins the entire bet amount.
  • If the match is drawn or the handicapped team wins, the bettor loses all money.

Application of 0.5/1 soccer odds in over/under bets

Over/under  0.5/1 soccer bet offers a different way of betting, focusing on the total number of goals of the match:

  • A total of 1 goal is considered Over, but only pays half the money.
  • More than 2 goals are considered Over, and win all the money.
  • If no goals are scored, Under wins full money.

The flexibility of the 0.5/1 handicap in over/under allows players to have many betting options, based on analysis and prediction of the performances of the two teams.

Unbeaten betting strategy of 0.5/1

When playing 0.5/1 soccer bet , many new bettors will be confused at first and not know how to play this type of bet. Understanding that psychology, we have listed some good tips and notes that will help you a lot.

Find out in advance and carefully analyze team information

Before placing a 0.5/1 bet on football, the most important thing is to thoroughly grasp and analyze team information. A deep understanding of the teams’ performance, style of play, head-to-head statistics, and force situation will be the deciding factor in choosing attend guess match result. When you have enough information, the ability to choose the 0.5/1 bet will be more accurate and effective, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Don’t choose a team based on emotions

When faced with a 0.5/1 odds, choosing a team to bet on is not only based on emotions but needs to be based on careful analysis. If the stronger team plays at home and has an advantage in attack or defense, choosing this team as the favorite can bring a high chance of winning.

On the contrary, if the difference between the two teams is not too large, betting on the lower team may be a wise choice. Considering factors such as rankings, confrontation history, and injury situation will help you make the most optimal betting decision.

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Capital management, risk prevention

One of the most important skills when participating in betting 0.5/1 soccer bet is to manage capital and control risks effectively. You should determine in advance the amount of bet for each match, and avoid putting all your capital into one bet.

Allocating capital appropriately will help you minimize risks and increase your chances of winning in the long term. At the same time, it is also necessary to always update the odds from the bookmaker and change betting strategies flexibly based on match developments.

The house is the prerequisite

Finally, to optimize your chances of winning bets with 0.5/1 soccer bet , choosing a reputable, quality and highly reliable bookmaker is very important. At New88, you will be provided with competitive odds, professional customer service, and most importantly, guaranteed safety and fairness in every transaction. At the same time, promotions and incentives for new players can also be factors that help increase benefits when you participate in betting.


The 0.5/1 soccer odds open up opportunities and challenges for players. By analyzing and applying good tips before placing bets, you will achieve unimaginable success. Remember to always update information and maintain your mentality to achieve success.

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