YouTube marketing tips you should not miss

Now you will find out why there are so many dead channels on YouTube, what CTR is actually considered good on YouTube, why incomprehensible content is viewed better, how to grab the viewer’s attention from the first seconds with the help of a “hook”, why it’s better to buy YouTube views, what factors are included in the satisfaction indicator, what is more important than the title or a picture, how to write a script correctly, how to make a YouTube banner, why it is extremely dangerous to change the topic of a channel, why now subscribers no longer matter, how to advertise a channel so as not to kill coverage, and much more about how to promote a YouTube channel from scratch on your own and for free. It will take a long time to read, but it will be very interesting!

Let’s start with the most important. According to statistics, 30% of viewers close videos already at the 10th second. Therefore, the first seconds are more important than ever, because at first most viewers simply evaluate you and your video, whether they will be interested or not, and if they don’t understand from the first few phrases, what awaits them next, or the quality is bad or something else then clear pepper they leave the roller.

After all, on YouTube, besides you, there is also a hell of a mountain of all sorts of other bloggers, but there is no time! Therefore, half of the viewers do not even live up to 30 seconds.

And this headline that you just read, this is an example of a hook, a hook or they call it a “hook” is a phrase said at the very beginning that grabs the viewer’s attention. This phrase draws them in, because there is a reason! After all, no one wants to be a disgrace to YouTube. This is intriguing.

Don’t show everything – Just like David Dobrik

Because you immediately revealed all the cards, immediately gave out everything interesting, and therefore there is no reason to look further! Let’s say a video for 10 minutes, and the reason depreciates already at the 15th second. Therefore, in such a situation, there can’t even be any talk of somehow promoting the channel on YouTube. How to do it right? You need to choose those moments that create even more questions! It is necessary that the viewer generally die of curiosity. Look again at the headline “Not knowing this thing, you will be a disgrace to YouTube! Do you feel how intriguing he is? Because he’s teasing, although he doesn’t say anything new, but he’s already intriguing, creating a wild sense of curiosity! That’s how it is! But this is just one phrase, and you can come up with a whole bunch of such phrases.

And replace them with a bad start, when people are super tedious for three hours greeting, telling what they are going to talk about, and how they are going to gather and so on. In short, we throw all this mutate into the trash can, so that the video, like a Tarantino film, abruptly places the viewer immediately at the epicenter of events. This greatly increases the retention of attention on the video, and YouTube will get over excited and start popping your video wherever possible.

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