CBD industry in Canada

Where to invest money in 2022?

In a year of uncertainty, we need some interesting business ideas. Today we will go through the most interesting business sectors that have seen massive rise in the last couple years.

CBD industry in Canada

There is a growth in the interest of CBD, not only in Canada but in the whole world. After making it legal, Canadian business operators started creating online stores. Now, Canada’s residents have easy access to the legal CBD products. You can buy cheap weed Canada stores and get products delivered straight to your apartment. CBD space is growing in Canada, experts suggest that industry value would reach 20 billion Canadian dollars in the next two years. Imagine what could happen if industry gets the green light from other continents too?

Growing bonsai

Bonsai are dwarf trees, copies of real trees, only in smaller sizes. Many people buy them instead of indoor flowers. Bonsai are able to decorate and diversify any interior. The demand for these miracle plants is growing every year. You can use this business idea and make good money! It takes several years to grow bonsai, but don’t despair. There are special technologies that accelerate their growth. It is not necessary to grow only bonsai and wait for them to bring money. You can do something else at the same time. There is a complete guide to growing bonsai on the internet. In general, this is a painstaking process that brings great moral satisfaction, and tangible money in 2-3 years. To start a business, 15 to 20 dollars will be enough. It is not difficult to sell such products. There are many sources of distribution. Plant shops, the Internet, ads and forums, and in general, customers will find you!

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Algo trading

2021 is the heyday of cryptocurrencies, which led to the search for new methods of conducting transactions. One of these methods is algorithmic trading. Such trading is not new, but crypto traders have come to it recently. For this, there are bots that help them. There are many such “virtual assistants” on the market that monitor the rate of cryptocurrencies and other information and, if necessary, they can be configured so that they buy and sell something. The development of such a bot from scratch will cost from 225 dollars, and the use of an existing solution on the market will cost from 15 dollars and more. The cost of using a bot can sometimes go straight to the cryptocurrency, from 0.125 BTC and up. The profitability of algorithmic trading is very related to the rate of the cryptocurrency used, and if the rate falls, the income from using this tool will fall.

Psychological tourism

Psy Tourism is tourism in which people go somewhere in order to restore mental health. To organize such an agency is simple – you need a coach-psychologist who organizes trips and transport. The cost of services of such a psychologist starts from 15 dollars. per session (average for the country) and above, a Volkswagen Transporter T5 car (given as an example) will cost 15 thousand dollars. The cost of the trip itself is very different depending on the point of departure, destination and fuel consumption of the car. It is worth noting that trips are mostly one-time, because companies try to make each session unique. The business is very profitable due to the extremely high demand – people sign up 3-6 months in advance (or even a year) in order to break out of their circle of gray life.

Palm oil production

Palm oil is the most popular type of vegetable oil, and not only in the food industry. Despite the high demand, both in the manufacturing and consumer sectors, its production is quite difficult and requires an impressive investment in equipment. In general, you will have to spend at least $400,000. Despite the complexity, high demand contributes to the profitability of this business because there is a constant need for it.

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