Independent Research, Innovation, and Development: JOIWAY

Many people like using vaping technology to stop smoking and switch to a healthier lifestyle. JOYWAI is a brand developed especially for this purpose. They provide a “pod” product, which individuals who have quit smoking refer to as the “pod terbagus.”

Defining the Brand JOYWAI

The company behind GAP VAPE is called JOYWAI, and it is committed to offering smokers better and more reasonably priced products via independent research, development, and innovation. We strive to provide our customers with the best products and services possible because we appreciate originality and innovation.

What is JOYWAI’s purpose?

The word “joy way” refers to a happy road. Marina, the founder of JOIWAY, converted Y to I to mean that JOYWAI created their brand starting from scratch and achieve excellence. The pod, the newest offering from JOYWAI, has been perfected for 500 days and is about to make its public premiere.

Joywai’s vape: the pod

A vape is an atomizer that is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. The user nebulizes heated e-liquid in the atomized oil tank, which commonly contains 1,2-propanediol, vegetable glycerin, edible flavor, or nicotine, with or without nicotine, to inhale the vapor. Since e-cigarettes don’t require combustion, there isn’t any tar or carbon monoxide in the vapor, which is why some members of the medical community see them as an effective nicotine replacement. Theoretically, electronic cigarettes might reduce the danger of flames and the harmful health consequences of certain traditional cigarettes. Switching to electronic cigarettes is also advised in many countries to reduce the carcinogenic risk; as a consequence, JOYWAI created its pod vape. Here are some advantages:

  1. The 3ML capacity of the storage tank is 50% more than that of comparable goods and allows for continuous use between refills throughout the day.
  2. Double sweetness: The 40mm long inverted Y-shaped airway can simultaneously discharge sweetness and the aroma of the e-juice, with the sweetness being 20% more strong. This could make it simpler to quit smoking and mask the smell of e-juice.
  3. Exceptionally durable: Joywai created a labyrinth-style pneumatic switch air duct specifically to ensure the stability and endurance of product quality. This air duct effectively ensures product quality while shielding the pneumatic switch from condensed water backflow damage.

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