What Is Memory Foam? Which Types Of Memory Foam Are Used In Mattresses?

Memory foam has been used in pillows and mattresses for many years because of its practical and useful benefits. Memory foam is also used in cushions, sports helmets, and pillows. Memory foam, polyurethane, is known for its ability to provide great comfort due to its ability to absorb pressure. Memory foam mattresses offer a great option for those who are sensitive to light, as they can toss and turn during sleep.

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of memory foam and how it can benefit you when choosing the best mattress type.

Memory Foam Mattresses Have Many Advantages

  1. Memory Foam Mattresses Can Limit Movement: People often wake up from movement while they sleep, such as tossing and turning during sleep. Memory foam can sink into the form of your body and restrict movement.
  2. Weight Distribution: Memory foam Queen Size Mattress is a softer option because of its ability to distribute weight. Because it can contour and sink to your body, this allows for even pressure to be applied. This is particularly useful for people who are slightly overweight and have joint or back problems. It tends to relieve pressure by taking the natural form of your body.
  3. Spinal Alignment: memory foam can provide relief for this natural s-shaped shape of our spines. Because of this, if you lie on your back or side, pressure from the different points can cause the memory foam to shrink and take its desired shape. Memory foam can distribute uneven weight and will respond to the opposite pressure equally. 
  4. Hypoallergenic: Because the structure and gaps in memory foam mattresses are too small, there’s less opportunity for allergens such as mites or dust to get into them and accumulate. This is particularly true for gel memory foam.

5 Comfortable And Quiet: Memory foam mattresses are purely cushion-like and produce very little noise, such as squeaking and other sounds. They also distribute pressure evenly so they reduce the sound coming from your bed.

Different Types Of Memory Foam:

These are the memory foam types used in pillows and mattresses:

  1. Traditional Memory Foam: This is the most common type of memory foam and the first to be invented. It is made up of traditional petroleum-based polymer and is typically denser than the other types. Traditional memory foam is best for those who value affordability more than comfort. Because of its high density, it retains heat from the body.

This can help relieve pressure and pain from key points in your body. 

  1. Gel Memory Foam: This is the main ingredient behind many of the most luxurious memory foam pillows and mattresses. It is a great choice when compared with other types of memory foam. Gel memory foam mattresses can be sandwiched between layers of liquid gel and infused with small beads of cooling gel. Memory foams retain their softness and other great qualities, but they allow for more ventilation.

Depending on the use and construction, this allows the material to breathe through the gel or air mechanism. This is the best choice if you want memory foam that provides comfort, but doesn’t sink to your body.

  1. Plant-Based Memory Foam: This is the best option for those who want a queen memory foam mattress made from plant-based materials. Its plant-sourced construction isn’t the only thing that makes it attractive. Plant-based memory foams are less likely to contain artificial polymers or chemicals to hold the mattress together. It still uses petroleum compounds to make the mattress material, which is why it retains its softness and other qualities.

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