Wall-mounted metal shelving  to enhance the efficiency of performed tasks 

Versatile metal equipment that is capacious but not very massive can be used in any food establishment type. Wall mount stainless steel shelves, wired wall units, or kits with several levels provide excellent conditions for storing products, dishes, or inventory and instant access to all this. Durable and classy equipment from leading manufacturers not only improves the working environment of restaurant employees and increases their productivity, but also creates a balanced and original interior.

The appearance of the smooth steel structure and its functionality stay unchanged for years to come. Here are the top three motives to choose AmGoodSupply stainless steel wall shelves:

  • One of the factors that determine the steady demand for steel shelving is its pocket-friendliness, as well as the price-to-quality ratio. The price depends on the type and size of the shelves. Pick your best match in the AmGoodSupply catalog.
  • To arrange the room with stainless steel wall shelves, you will need a minimum of effort. Minimal upkeep is required to maintain metal surfaces looking impeccably clean and keep the working zone tidy. The metal flawlessly withstands long-term exposure to various effects, so its look cannot be compromised.
  • An important advantage of vertical units is direct access to everything located on the shelves. Employees of a cafe do not have to spend extra time searching for things needed for the prep routine, which means that the productivity of the staff increases. Everything is in the free access zone. In addition, mobile structures can be moved as needed.

Wall-mounted metal shelving units withstand a significant load and if compared with plastic or wooden alternatives, they do not pose any problems, such as rot, mold, or accumulated dirt that is hard to remove. Steel elements, unlike wooden elements, do not get wet and do not wear out for a long time even during long intensive use. Corrosion-resistant steel will not bend if placing the permissible weight. Thus, for heavyweight objects, consider models that are intended for keeping ovens or any other weighty objects. Food residues and contaminants, as well as spilled liquids or acids, are easily removed from the surface. There are no pores on smooth surfaces where bacteria can settle and spread. If necessary, the product withstands disinfection, which helps maintain sanitary safety. It is one of the most important conditions for a successful food establishment operation.

Wall mount shelving units and other types

Stationary five-tiers options are great for almost any kitchen, as it adds storage capabilities. Mobile constructions ensure fuss-free floor cleaning, as they can be easily moved around the room. Racks for bakery products can become also a great assistant and cool your baked goods properly for holding their quality and taste longer. You can mount a few units to your working table and such a solution can also drastically improve every cooking process. You can opt for wall-mounted metal shelving models with useful additions (for example, pot racks), considering specific needs and area features. Vertical wall units create a storage zone that will promote the quick implementation of everyday commercial objectives.

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