The Yutong E12PRO: Redefining the Art of Green Travel

In an era where sustainable transportation is gaining paramount importance, Yutong Bus&Coach has emerged as a frontrunner in the industry, revolutionizing the way we perceive electric buses. Among their remarkable fleet, the city transit car E12PRO stands out as a true testament to their commitment to safety, comfort, and environmental consciousness. Let’s delve into the distinctive features that make the Yutong E12PRO a game-changer in the world of green travel.

Safety Takes the Front Seat

Yutong’s dedication to passenger safety is evident in the E12PRO’s design. With their proprietary “YESS” safety standard, this electric bus ensures a secure and comfortable driving experience. Additionally, a nitrogen protection system is implemented to safeguard the battery, providing peace of mind for both drivers and passengers.

Aesthetics Meet Efficiency

The E12PRO effortlessly combines green power with aesthetic appeal. Yutong understands that a sustainable future should not come at the expense of beauty. The sleek design, highlighted by a large rear-view mirror resembling rabbit ears, not only enhances the bus’s appearance but also improves visibility, ensuring a safer journey for all.

Passenger Comfort Elevated

Yutong recognizes that ample space is crucial for an enjoyable travel experience. The E12PRO’s fully low floor design provides convenient boarding for passengers, eliminating barriers and ensuring smooth accessibility for all. The integration of the seat with the wheel housing optimizes space utilization, improving the overall appearance and riding comfort.

Intelligent Design for Inclusive Travel

Yutong’s dedication to inclusivity is reflected in the E12PRO’s intelligent design. The integrated driver enclosure, one-piece driver barrier, and built-in TV enhance the modern interior, promoting seamless communication between the driver and passengers. Additionally, the integration of the instrument cluster with an intelligent coin machine creates more space for easy boarding, ensuring a hassle-free journey.


The Yutong E12PRO is a remarkable testament to Yutong Bus&Coach’s commitment to safety, innovation, and sustainability. With its impeccable design, advanced technology, and thoughtful features, this electric bus sets new standards for green travel. Yutong’s dedication to providing a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly journey is evident in every aspect of the E12PRO.

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