Sustainable Living at Forest City Development

Sustainable Living at Forest City Development

Forest City Development is a world-renowned real estate project that prioritizes sustainable living. The development is committed to reducing its environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices in building construction, energy-efficient materials, renewable energy sources, and sustainable transportation options.

Green building and infrustructure

The green building and infrastructure practices used in Forest City‘s development make it one of the most environmentally friendly residential communities in Malaysia. The buildings are constructed using environmentally sustainable materials that reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable living. Forest City also utilizes renewable energy sources to further reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Sustainable transportation options at Forest City include electric cars, bicycles, e-buses, and a monorail system. These modes of transportation are not only eco-friendly but also provide residents with easy and convenient access to different parts of the development.

Community engagement

Community engagement is another key aspect of Forest City’s commitment to sustainability. The development encourages community involvement in sustainability initiatives such as recycling programs, promoting waste reduction, and organizing educational workshops. Residents are encouraged to participate in these initiatives, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and pride in being part of a more sustainable future.

In addition to community involvement, Forest City also prioritizes environmental education for residents, providing opportunities for them to learn about sustainable living practices and how to implement them in their daily lives. This includes workshops on composting, recycling, and other sustainability practices.


Overall, Forest City Development is leading the way in sustainable living with its innovative approach to real estate development. With its focus on green building practices, renewable energy sources, and sustainable transportation options, the Forest City development provides an ideal solution for those seeking a more sustainable lifestyle while still enjoying modern amenities and conveniences. Forest City’s emphasis on community engagement and education further ensures that residents play an active role in preserving the environment and promoting sustainable living practices.

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