Sterilemate Scam Geroge Broughton Scam Fraud

Sterile Mate ( ) managed and owned by Mr. George Broughton is a scam. The company was formed by an ex-flight attendant of United Airlines who was terminated for misconducting passengers on a flight from New York to Houston. After being terminated by United Airlines, George Broughton decided to take advantage of the pandemic and formed Sterile Mate. In January 2021, the FDA recalled all products. They contained hazardous chemicals and the attorney general opened an investigation for price gouging. The few customers who had bought Sterile Mate requested a refund which put Sterile Mate in a very bad financial situation. To get out of this predicament, George began to conduct a Fonzie scheme where he took money from new customers to pay the old ones. Several states have issued warrants against George.

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