A Step-By-Step Guide On Improving Streaming On Smart TV

Have you recently made the switch to a smart TV and constantly find yourself struggling with the same question: why is my smart TV so slow? Making the switch from traditional cable TV to a smart TV is a great option. However, slow TV streaming can be a pretty common issue with smart TV users.

So even if you have the fastest Android TV box, you can face slow streaming issues. So what can you do to remedy this issue?

Here is a step by step guide to help your smart TV perform better when it comes to streaming.

Step 1 – See What’s Wrong With Your Internet Connection

A poor network connection is the most prevalent source of lag on smart TVs. Repeated network issues can turn viewing TV into a misery.

An unstable or poor internet connection might lead to irritation and wasted time during a time when you wanted to relax.

Streaming video cannot operate well without fast internet. It is recommended that each smart TV has a download speed of at least 15 Mbps. For example, two smart TVs streaming at the same time need 30 Mbps.

If your service contract does not contain enough internet speed, you can request an upgrade from your internet provider. If your internet bandwidth is enough for streaming, yet you are experiencing lag and buffering, there is likely another explanation for the slow network or a problem with your lagging Smart Android TV.

Step 2 – Use a VPN to avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Since so many people are using your ISP’s services, they often like to limit the bandwidth each user gets. This is called bandwidth throttling and can be a reason why you are experiencing slow TV streaming.

This is where a VPN for smart TV can save the day for you. A VPN will simply change the server you are connected from and this can prevent bandwidth throttling. Download a free TV VPN like VeePN. You can use the free trial and see the benefits of connecting to another server.

Step 3 – Try a Different Streaming Service Instead

Sometimes, your hardware and ISP aren’t the issue. You may have fast internet but slow streaming. The streaming service might be the real culprit.

Try an alternative streaming provider to see if the problem persists if your internet connection is fast enough for streaming video but your smart TV is still lagging.

If the video on YouTube or Netflix plays smoothly and clearly, you can move on to the next stage.

They may not be the problem if they are unable to play clearly. Get in touch with the streaming service if you’re experiencing problems with buffering or lagging.

Make sure you explain that you haven’t had issues with other streaming services. Consider switching to another streaming provider in the event that lagging and buffering continue.

Step 4 – Look at the Speed of Your Wi-Fi Router

If you think you have fast internet but slow streaming, the issue may be with the Wi-Fi router itself.

Running a speed test on a computer or phone within a few feet of your smart TV is a good way to evaluate the connection speed of your router. Again, at least 10-15 Mbps should be shown under “Mbps download” for a smooth streaming experience.

Buying a new Wi-Fi router may be necessary if your download speed is less than 10-15 Mbps despite paying for a higher connection. A problem with your smart TV/streaming device may be the cause of these results.

Step 5 – Check Your Modem’s Speed

If you have everything including an Android TV VPN but you still have issues. It is time to check your modem.

Internet modems separate from wireless routers may be to blame if you’re experiencing poor internet speeds on your smart TV.

Locate the ethernet cable that connects your modem to your router to test the modem connection. Disconnect the router’s ethernet cable and connect it to a desktop or laptop computer.

After restarting the modem, type “internet speed test” into Google. Using the “Run Speed Test” button, compare your actual speeds to those advertised by your service provider. They need to be approximately 15 Mbps for smooth streaming.

You should get in touch with your internet service provider’s tech support if you are paying for

fast internet speed but have slow streaming.

If you do not have fast internet speeds, the only thing you can do is download the movie or tv show in advance by using the website https://thepirateproxybay.com/

Step 6 – Get a New Smart TV

It’s possible that you’ll need a new device if you have ruled out problems with your internet speed, specific streaming services and connection strength.

It’s possible that you have faulty hardware or that your gadget is over a year old. It’s possible to enjoy a seamless streaming experience if you get a new Smart TV that doesn’t have the same problems.

If you have slow TV streaming, there are many things you can do to fix it, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must keep trying until you find the solution that works for you. Do not get impatient; instead, eat one bite at a time.

We hope that this article helps you improve the streaming speeds on your smart TV. 

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