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You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for a trustworthy bookmaker with a huge number of players, a variety of gaming genres, quick and efficient service, a deposit and withdrawal process that takes less than 5 minutes, and so on. FB88 is a reliable bookmaker that is well regarded by all of today’s most popular bookmakers.

FB88 bet1 is a well-known brand in Vietnam, with a long track record of success. The authority of Phillipines have recognized and allowed the bookie to operate legitimately.

Our pursuits

With a lengthy history in the industry, FB88 has swiftly established itself as the market leader in Vietnam’s online betting industry. The parent firm, PAGCOR Entertainment Group, sponsors the bookie. PAGCOR Entertainment Group is one of the largest entertainment group in the Asian online betting sector. As a result, the betting house FB88 has progressively won the trust of the betting community as the number of players has grown. This is without a doubt the best betting site around.

Furthermore, the bookmaker FB88 has been accredited by the International Online Betting Association for its experience in delivering online games to a total of 10 million users.

Our competitions

The FB88 bookie, with its professional system and knowledgeable personnel, offers a range of online betting forms to provide gamers with a new and thrilling experience. Football gambling, e-sports betting, online casino games, and other conventional online games like poker, big two, bridge, gin rummy, and stud are the most popular games on our platform. Here, we’ll delve into how our most popular games may entice a large number of players.

Sports betting with FB88

Players will be able to engage in international sports betting if you choose FB88. Aside from the world’s most prestigious competitions, FB88 sport also allows customers to wager on interesting and unexpected football matches.

FB88’s betting scale is not restricted to football; it also includes tennis, automobile racing, horse racing, volleyball, and other popular sports competitions. This business strategy is based on the desires and interests of the participants. We pledge to build a facility that can accommodate a variety of sports and please people of all sorts of life.

Casino games with FB88

Without needing to go to a real casino, you may now fully engage in gambling at any time. Players will experience the most accurate feelings of play with just a few clicks/touches on computers or mobile devices, thanks to a system interface that is practically identical to that of a real casino. We provide a comprehensive selection of games found in today’s most popular casinos, including card games, dice, baccarat, dragon tiger, and more.

Playing lottery with FB88

We feature lotto and bingo game modes that are common to Vietnamese consumers, as well as a world quality betting playground devoted to the Vietnamese market. You’ll find a comprehensive assortment of lotto, bingo, Vietnamese card, fish, and crab election games here, all with incredibly high odds.

Our types of lottery games are:

Bingo – 1 for 99.5

Head to tail bingo – 1 for 99.5

Streak 2,3,4 – 1 for 17,74,251

Bingo slips 4,8,10 – 1 for 2.5,8,12

3 lottery pins – 1 for 985

4 lottery pins – 1 for 9500

Sic bo (pontoon, hi-lo)

When you play the hi-lo game on our platform, you will be exposed to all of the game’s betting options. Furthermore, depending on the wager type, the odds are highly appealing. There’s even a wagering form with 1:150 odds. When you play FB88 over and over, this is the most appealing feature.

Cockfighting gambling with FB88

Players will find cockfighting betting to be a really appealing and thrilling game. If the player’s prediction is accurate, they will receive a bonus, but if the guess is incorrect, they will lose the sum of money they have bet.

Many players have recommended the reliable FB88 bookie to be capable of playing cockfighting online owing to the thrill of the cockfighting games and the abundance of bonuses for winning placed bets! FB88 is without a doubt the best Online Chicken Fighting service. In addition, FB88’s cockfight offers a variety of incentives for new users who want to join the battle. So, don’t be afraid to wager on cockfighting online using our system.

Play fish shooting online with FB88

When you come to the house FB88 for fish shooting, you will convert into professional fish hunters who will use their guns to chase down all species of fish. Shooting Gold Fish, Shooting Jewel Fish, Frenzy Shooting, King of Hunting, and other fish shooting games are available.

The prizes for each sort of fish caught will be different. The greater the boss’s power, the greater the payout. We created this online platform to satisfy your desire to play since many gamers have not enough time to go to malls or entertainment venues to play fish shooting.

As a result, even for beginner players, the prize changing system is plentiful and quick. They may quickly jump into the game and earn a lot of bounties after only a few minutes.

Furthermore, we will evaluate and analyze the most trustworthy, safe, and elevated fishing game sites for everybody to play since we do not want you to experience any tension while playing with us. After gamers join the platform, they will receive a download link, instructions, and a very tempting giftcode.


As previously said, despite the fact that the house has not been operating in the Asian market for years, it possesses all of the criteria of a renowned bookie and is currently operating successfully. As a result, the bookmaker is regarded as one of Asia’s and Southeast Asia’s premier bookmakers. It is well-attended and well-received in Vietnam for providing the greatest translation quality available at the time.

Finally, there has been no news about FB88 being a scam or a fraud, thus the credibility is fairly good. Don’t hesitate to join us now and you’ll have the world to yourself!

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