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When international students come to study in Australia for the first time, we have to adapt not only to the school, but also to life in Australia. Compared with the main course, the language course is less stressful and has more room for activities. Through language courses in Australia, students can not only learn the language, but also better adapt to life here. In addition to English, the School of Languages also provides skills training for preparatory, undergraduate and postgraduate students, such as student note-taking, essay training, how to use the library, how to write essays, etc., to enhance students’ basic abilities.

Here, let’s learn more about the language courses in Australia!

Tuition fees of language courses in Australia

The tuition fee of Australian language course starts at AUD$150 a week. Compared with American language schools starting at $300 a week and British language schools starting at ₤270 a week, Australian language schools are really affordable and have a high CP value. By studying language in Australia, students can not only learn English in English-speaking countries, but also get to know students from all over the world and experience the diverse life and culture of Australia.

Tuition can be instalment

The tuition fees of Australian language schools are not only cheap per unit, but also allow students to apply to pay tuition fees in installments when you apply for a long number of weeks at a time. The language school can provide a flexible payment plan, which can be divided into 4 to 5 phases at most, so that international students can easily learn English without any burden!

Flexible language courses

Both long-term and short-term study tours can be planned, and a maximum of two years can be applied for study tours in English.

The Australian government encourages international students to study English in Australia. Regardless of the level, students can design different course length plans according to their level and English goals!

Students with good English proficiency can apply for a short-term language training program of 12 to 24 weeks, and students with a slightly poorer level can apply for a long-week language course of 24 to 100 weeks, and they can apply for an Australian student visa as well as a language school. Students enrolled in formal courses enjoy the same student visa benefits.

Variety of courses

The types of courses offered by Australian language schools include General English, Cambridge, IELTS, Academic English (EAP), Pronunciation, Communication, Business English, and even surfing English, yoga English, coffee English and other specialized English courses! For more language courses in Australia and their details, you can search via Course Finder.

Therefore, students should not think that studying English in Australia is just a rigid study of grammar and memorizing words. In fact, the English courses provided by language schools in Australia are very interesting!

You can do part-time jobs

While studying language in Australia, you can do part-time jobs, with high salary and many part-time job opportunities!

For students with budget pressures, the biggest benefit of studying in Australia is that international students can legally work for 40 hours for 2 weeks, and there is no limit on the number of working hours during the vacation. It means that while studying, you can also use your spare time to earn some tuition and living expenses, and you can truly integrate into the Australian workplace and experience foreign workplace culture. In addition to the booming development of service industry jobs in Australia, agriculture, construction, mining, and IT and computer industries all have a considerable shortage of talent and manpower. If you are willing to do it, you have a very high chance of finding a variety of stable and part-time jobs with good salaries.

Make friends

The classmates come from all over the world, and the students from Europe, America and Asia are evenly distributed, making friends with the world

Australia is a big country of immigration. When you study in Australia, you will not only meet blond European and American students, but also enthusiastic South American students. Because Australia is located in Oceania in the southern hemisphere and is geographically close to Asia, there are also many Japanese and Korean students. Southeast Asian students come here to study abroad. Australian language schools are like a global village, where students from all over the world gather to study.

Study in Australia without IELTS in the future

If you can read English well, you will be able to study without IELTS in the future, and continue to study in Australia for university and master’s degree

Another benefits of studying language in Australia is that after completing and passing the high-level English course, you can directly enter technical vocational schools, universities and research institutes in the future “exempt from IELTS”. This is undoubtedly a great boon for students who suffer from “exam phobia”.

Beautiful nature, great climate

Australia is a country with almost no snow. Except for a small number of high mountain peaks, the temperature in Australia is more average and warmer than the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada throughout the year. In addition, Australia has a population of only nearly 20 million people, relatively large land, and still retains many unspoiled nature, which is very suitable for students who like to travel around to explore slowly!

If you plan to study in Australia, but you are worried that your English proficiency cannot meet the requirements for studying abroad, then you can consider going to Australia to study language courses first.

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