Introducing Tianlong’s Groundbreaking Solutions to Transform In Vitro Diagnostics

In vitro diagnostic devices that are both efficient and dependable are in high demand due to the dynamic nature of healthcare. A pioneer in the field of novel intravenous drug solutions, Tianlong is at the forefront of the industry’s ongoing quest to expand the frontiers of medical technology.

The Significance of IVD Devices in Healthcare

In vitro diagnostic devices play a pivotal role in modern healthcare, enabling healthcare professionals to accurately detect, diagnose, and monitor a wide range of medical conditions. These advanced diagnostic tools are essential for early intervention, effective treatment, and improved patient outcomes.

Tianlong’s Comprehensive IVD Portfolio

Tianlong’s commitment to innovation is reflected in their comprehensive portfolio of in vitro diagnostic devices. With over 80 NMPA approvals and 200 international certifications, Tianlong’s IVD solutions have gained the trust of healthcare providers worldwide. From molecular diagnostics and immunoassays to clinical chemistry and hematology, Tianlong’s In vitro diagnostic devices are designed to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.

Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy and Efficiency

Tianlong’s In vitro diagnostic devices are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Featuring advanced technologies and intuitive user interfaces, Tianlong’s solutions streamline the diagnostic process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate, timely results. This translates to improved patient care and better-informed clinical decisions.

Versatile Applications of Tianlong’s IVD Devices

Tianlong’s IVD devices are versatile, finding applications in a wide range of healthcare settings. From clinical diagnostics and disease monitoring to research and development, Tianlong’s products have become indispensable tools for healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide.


In vitro diagnostics innovation and expertise have made Tianlong a healthcare leader. Tianlong’s comprehensive line of licensed and certified In vitro diagnostic devices drives medical technology innovation, helping healthcare providers to provide excellent patient care. Tianlong’s IVD products are used in over 100 nations and regions, demonstrating its commitment to healthcare diagnostics.


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