Industry-Leading AMR Technology: ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX is not only the pioneer and leader of the fourth generation of smart robotics (vision-guided AMR) but also the No. 1 automated picking solution provider in Asia in terms of shipments and market share. ForwardX offers forward-looking vision-guided AMRs and the world’s leading cluster scheduling system, as well as global sales, service and operation capabilities.

Currently, ForwardX has a comprehensive line of vision AMR products and solutions for different scenarios, which can meet the needs of various applications in logistics, such as medium-piece warehouses, small and medium-sized mixed warehouses, small-piece warehouses, etc. It is the automation solution provider with the most commercialized projects in medium-piece and small and medium-sized mixed warehouses. It has achieved rapid application in different industries, such as e-commerce and logistics, and it has become the largest third-party automation equipment supplier.

Efficiency Improvement

ForwardX has introduced flexible picking solutions for the logistics industry that dramatically improve picking efficiency and save picking staff through a “one person to multiple vehicles, one vehicle to multiple people, and human-vehicle convergence” work model.

The AMR-based automated picking solutions are the most practical, flexible, and wide-ranging warehouse scenarios among automation solutions, with the features of “rapid deployment, zero-cost migration, adaptive business, quick start-up, and low learning costs.” With ForwardX products, picking efficiency is twice as high with half the investment, resulting in leaps and bounds in efficiency.

Visit ForwardX’s official website for further information about their advanced AMR products.

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