How To Reduce Shedding for Your Hair Extensions?

Just like our natural hair, hair extensions generally shed; you can expect some shedding more or less throughout their lifespan. 

Some hair fall-out will likely occur as you brush and style your hair extensions. So there’s no need to worry when this happens. 

Brittle or Dry Hair is Easy to Shed or Break

However, it doesn’t mean you should reduce the frequency of brushing or combing your hair extensions, as you can minimize hair shedding in other ways. Always remember that extensions are more likely to shed when they are brittle or dry.

Before washing them, brush or comb your hair extensions to make them almost dry, but not 100% dry; this helps minimize potential breakage and shedding during washing, as the hair is at its weakest when wet. 

Gentle Combing and Brushing is a Must

Always be gentle when brushing human hair extensions, and be sure to brush them before bed to reduce shedding and breakage.

Avoid washing your hair extensions too much or using products containing sulfates and alcohol, as they will remove the hair’s natural oils and lead to breakage and shedding. 

Avoid High Heat

Also, avoid high heat when heat-styling hair extensions, as it risks damaging the hair and causing breakage and shedding. Use a low heat setting of 120C or 250F. 

Our own hair may be able to handle higher heat settings, but hair extensions aren’t. Hair extensions do not need the same amount of nutrients or oil to maintain health and integrity. They don’t need them to keep themselves looking silky and shiny.

Be Savvy When Picking Hair Products, Especially Sprays

Beware that the more hair styling and finishing products you use, the more you will need to wash your hair extensions, so the best way to reduce hair shedding is to use minimal hair products. 

If your hair extensions already look elegant and healthy, you shouldn’t be using too many products anyway. If you want your hair extension curls to be stronger, try pinning them up and leaving them overnight or even just for an hour to ensure that the curls stay in place without using hairspray. 

If you have to use hairspray, consider using a lightweight formula with which you can easily brush through the hair. Avoid strong-hold hair sprays and products that may clog up your system, so you must wash more.

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