Everything you need to know about Kubet (Part 3)

Steps for registration Kubet on computer

The processes to become a Kubet member are fairly straightforward over the phone or through the internet interface. To use the Kubet client on your PC, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Everyone, kindly go to the KUBET bookie’s webpage and click “Register.”
  • Step 2: Please complete and correctly fill out all of the details on the registration form. Specifically, as follows:

o Agent account: Everyone, please remember to have the code FF3522 handy in order to obtain promotions and help from consultants.

o Account: Please enter 8 to 10 letters without accents in this box.

o Nickname: In the “nickname” area on the registration form, please put any name or your real name.

Please enter 8 to 10 numerals without accents as your password.

o Contact information: Please input your phone number accurately and click the “send code” button.

o Verification code: The system will then text you a 4-digit confirmation code. Please enter all of those numbers in the relevant blank area and click “send code.”

  • Step 3: Once you’ve finished filling out the details on the entry form, click “Confirm” to finish. After that, wait patiently a few secs for the bookie’s system to correctly approve the registration.
  • Step 4: To log in to the home, enter the data you just created.
  • Step 5: Next, fund your gaming account and select an online betting room to play in.

Logging in instruction

The login procedure is straightforward as follow:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the page: Kubet.la
  • Step 2: Click the “Login” button.
  • Step 3: Enter your user name and password.
  • Step 4: Click the “Login” button.


There are now several deposit options available for gamers at the KUBET house. When you sign up for a membership account at this bookmaker, you may select the various deposit methods you wish. Specific instructions are provided below:


Currently, there are two categories in this section: E-Banking and ATM cards. Customers that have Vietnamese bank account and have Internet Banking service can use this E-Banking approach. When it comes to ATM deposits, Ku bet accepts up to 25 different banks. Members can use this way to deposit up to 20 times each day, with a minimum deposit of 200,000 VND.

Please choose “E-Banking,” then input the deposit amount and click confirm. Please pick your bank and then press the “Next” button. Log in using your Online Banking account and then click “pay.” The points will display in 1 minute after you enter the OTP number and select “Confirm.”

Please pick “ATM” and select the amount you wish to deposit before clicking “Confirm.” Then, select your bank and click “Pay,” enter in all of the information displayed on the card as instructed, and click Pay.


Once you have the Mobile Banking application, you may deposit money at the KUBET home fast and easily. And for your convenience, here are the exact instructions. As an example:

  • Step 1: Please enter the amount you wish to topping up and click confirm.
  • Step 2: Please pick the bank to which you wish to add funds and click “Next.”
  • Step 3: At this moment, the QR code for KUBET will show on the screen. Please snap a screenshot of this transaction to preserve it on your phone.
  • Step 4: Users, please open and log in to the banking application. Then select the QR Pay money transfer method.
  • Step 5: Select how to scan the picture and capture a snapshot of the prior QR Code transaction before clicking “Pay.” The bank will now deliver the OTP code to everyone’s phone. Also, please input the OTP number and click “Continue” to finish the money transfer at KUBET as instructed below.


Currently, there are two ways to deposit KUBET via bank. Examine the following instructions carefully:

  • Account number transfer: transition using the same bank
  • Bank transfer to credit card number

KUBET’s bank account and identification card details will change on a daily, if not hourly, basis. As a result, members must double-check the bank details and identification card number before transferring funds. The actions below will help you avoid transferring to the prior representative account number. Deposit funds for the home KUBET via electronic banking. Specifically:

  • Step 1: The member selects a bank and clicks the confirm button.
  • Step 2: When the account number/card number shows, users must top it up.
  • Step 3: Once the transfer has been completed successfully, please click “next step” to enter the player’s transaction details.
  • Step 4: Enter transaction information such as sending bank, bank number/deposit card number, and amount sent.
  • Step 5: To finish, please click “confirm.” After around 1 to 2 minutes, the money will be sent to the KUBET house account.


ATM top-up is an alternate solution for members who have not registered for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. Simply log in to KUBET first, then proceed to an ATM to obtain your account number or bank card number issued by KUBET. Following that, members must visit the ATM of the bank they are using to transfer funds to the KUBET house’s member account.


When you don’t have a bank account, you must utilize this approach. Furthermore, everyone should sign up for online payment services like Internet banking or mobile banking to make the withdrawal and deposit payment process at the house easier later on. When you are running out of cash in your bank account, you might refer to this guide. Members with funds may desire to top up and play at KUBET.

When you pick the item “transfer money at the counter,” choose a bank VCB or ACB, and press on the “confirm” part of the representative account, the section of the client account will display. To move funds to that account number, you must travel to the correct counter. Then, to finish the deposit, please place a verification order on the Kubet account. Points will appear immediately or slowly based on how quickly or slowly your bank transfers money.

Short conclusion

Now you are going near to the end of the instruction. Please find out the last part of this guideline to see the whole picture.

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