Essential Slayer Items in Old School RuneScape

For the cheapest OSRS gold, check out U7buy. Get the best deals and enhance your Old School RuneScape experience! Mastering the Slayer skill in Old School RuneScape can be a slow grind, but essential items can make your journey more efficient and enjoyable. These tools not only save inventory space but also boost experience points (XP) and gold earnings, making adventures in Gielinor smoother.

Ash Sanctifier

Benefits: Passive prayer XP similar to the Bonecrusher.

How to Obtain: Complete the Kourend and Kebos hard diary.

Usage: Charge with death runes to scatter ashes efficiently.

Expeditious Bracelet

Benefits: Speeds up disliked tasks with a 25% chance of counting a monster as two.

How to Obtain: Craft with LVL-1 enchant on an opal bracelet or buy from the Grand Exchange.

Usage: Activates upon a monster’s death, consuming one charge with 30 charges in total.

Soul Bearer

Benefits: Sends ensouled heads straight to your bank, saving inventory space.

How to Obtain: Complete the miniquest “Bear Your Soul.”

Usage: Consumes a charge for each ensouled head sent to the bank, chargeable with one soul and one blood rune per charge.

Herb Sack

Benefits: Saves inventory space by storing up to 30 of each grimy herb type.

How to Obtain: Purchase for 750 slayer points or 250 Tithe Farm points at 58 Herblore.

Rune Pouch

Benefits: Stores up to 16k runes of three types, saving inventory space.

How to Obtain: Purchase for 750 slayer points from slayer masters or for 75 Last Man Standing points from Justine’s shop.

Dwarf Multicannon

-Benefits: Deals additional damage, significantly speeding up Slayer tasks.

How to Obtain: Complete the Dwarf Cannon quest.

Usage: Restricted to certain areas for specific tasks.

Bracelet Of Slaughter

Benefits: 25% chance of not counting a kill towards the task, granting extra Slayer XP.

How to Obtain: Activates upon a monster’s death, consuming one charge with 30 charges in total.

Gem Bag

Benefits: Stores up to 60 uncut gems, saving valuable inventory space.

How to Obtain: Purchase for 100 Golden nuggets obtained while mining in the Motherload Mine.


Benefits: Grants passive prayer XP for bones dropped by monsters.

How to Obtain: Achievement diary reward after completing the hard Morytania diary.

Usage: Toggle on or off for full prayer XP or to manually pick up bones.

Seed Box

Benefits: Stores six different seed types, saving up to five inventory spaces.

How to Obtain: Purchase for 250 points by earning Tithe Farm points.

These essential Slayer items will make your journey in Gielinor more efficient and enjoyable. Whether saving inventory space or boosting XP gains, these tools are crucial for any Slayer adventurer. Check now for the most affordable OSRS gold at U7buy.

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