Common app problems and how to fix it (part two)

There are more problems and solutions we want to share in this part. Please take a seat and read through it for your own interest.

I’m having trouble installing the APP

If you cannot install application on your phone, both iOS and Android operations, please do as follow:

  • Check the connectivity of your wifi / internet connection.
  • Please check your available mobile storage space. The app cannot be installed if you do not have enough disk space.
  • Check that the app you’re attempting to install is compatible with your Android version.

If none is applicable to fix your error, please contact our customer care department for the detail instruction.

My APP app on my phone is not updating properly

Sometimes, you will face a problem that the app is still openable but the updating pop-up keeps showing up and interrupt your gaming experience. In that case, please try some solutions below.

  • Please verify your wifi / mobile data connection to ensure it is operational. It may be unavailable and preventing you from updating the app.
  • Check that your phone has enough storage space to download updates. It is possible that insufficient storage space is preventing app updates.

There is no other reason for this error. So, don’t be upset and try our suggestion.

Audio and video loading issues with the APP

This error happens to all types of app, not only the app. So, don’t worry.

  • If you are experiencing audio issues, check the volume on your phone. Use headphones to determine whether the problem is with your speakers or the app.
  • If you are experiencing video loading issues, please check your internet speed and wifi connectivity.

App APP Notifications aren’t working correctly

If you are facing this problem, please do as we guide to fix it immediately. Though this is not a big error but it still causes confusion while gaming. Hence, it must be fixed as soon as possible.

Check your Apps->Click on APP-> Check carefully and see if notifications are disabled. Please enable it if it is turned off for any reason.

Also, if you aren’t receiving notification alert sounds, double-check that you haven’t unintentionally silenced the app notification sounds.

This is quite time consuming because you have to find between hundred of apps on your phone. But this is for your own sake, so don’t be lazy and gaming with the lack of function.

The app does not allow me to deposit or withdraw money

This problem is very important due to the relation to your own money and profit. If you encounter this, please check the things as follow:

  • Check your phone security system as it could block any app that is considered a threat to your phone or a fraud.
  • Call the customer care service in case of any sudden maintaince from system.


These are the errors that could happen to the app. If you found any other errors, please let me know immediately, our professional technology team will fix it for you.

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