Born to be the first: ForwardX AMR

With society’s growing demand for industrial personalization, AMRs with high flexibility have further been reflected in the intelligent and automated advantages in factory warehousing, production, logistics, etc. ForwardX believes that AMRs play a very important role as an intermediate node in the digitalization process of logistics and manufacturing. For this reason, ForwardX’s 4th generation vision AMR was born.

Flexible management of AMR with f(x) system

With the f(x) cluster scheduling system, ForwardX enables visual AMRs and pickers to work together. At the same time, this one process is controllable and visualized to meet the needs of different picking scenarios and applies to warehouses for home appliances, mother and child products, paper products, dairy products, pet products, etc., covering picking scenarios for all types of e-commerce and retail stores.

A variety of system strategies, such as picking first and then sorting, can effectively and precisely meet the needs of warehousing picking goods.

Deep insight into industry pain points

ForwardX has rich project experience in chain sales, beauty and cosmetics, e-commerce, and other industries. These industries have a lot of common pain points and needs, but there are also some differences between industries, and the specific needs of enterprises are also somewhat different. Based on a deep understanding of industry scenarios, ForwardX introduces solutions more compatible with enterprises’ industry attributes and needs. This is based on ForwardX’s thorough research and strong technical strength.

Visit the official site of ForwardX for more information about their AMR solutions!

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