Best ways to add rhinestones on fabric and outfits

Rhinestones are used to embellish not only clothing and accessories but even footwear. They give every one of your fashionable products a lustrous sheen and a polished appearance.In addition to creating a flash of brilliance, rhinestones can create a one-of-a-kind fashion statement, mainly when used as an ornament like rhinestone fringe or a beaded fringe trim.

The Bedazzler and other similar devices make it easy to apply rhinestones, but setting them by hand is also a viable alternative. When determining how to apply rhinestones, you should consider both your level of experience and the intended function of the object. If you wish to link rhinestones, your best alternative is not to use glue; instead, you should utilise one of the other available methods.

Using glue

Glue is the quickest and most convenient method for attaching rhinestones to cloth; unfortunately, it will not hold up over time. Glue anything that can be cleaned by hand, such as a belt, hat, or shirt, and you should be all set. When adhesives are treated to dry washing, they may turn yellow. Depending on the severity of the circumstance, the mirror backing of the rhinestone may become tarnished or discoloured when using hot glue.

A drop of glue should be applied to the spot where the gem will be positioned. To firmly secure the stone when pressing it into the fabric, the adhesive must extend beyond the stone’s boundaries. It will roll away from you if you let go of the stone. Keep hold of it. To properly embed the gem into the glue, tweezers are required. Before use, the individual must wait twenty-four hours.


Because the adhesive on some rhinestones melts at higher temperatures, it is feasible to stitch them to fabric using heat. This method, like those that came before it, is ideal for glueing items that should never be machine- or hand-washed.

Rhinestones affixed to the fabric with the hot-fix technique are placed directly on the material. Placing a cotton cloth over the rhinestone and then ironing it at the lowest setting is required. Ironing the glue takes between 45 seconds and one minute. Before applying the glue, you must allow it to cool for twenty minutes.


Rhinestones sewn onto fabric are more durable, but the process is highly labour-consuming. After stones have been stitched together, they can be reused by simply cutting the thread. To prevent the rocks from passing through the holes in the cloth, you should only obtain stones with appropriately sized holes. Pass it through the slit, and then tie a couple of knots underneath.

Use metals

The metal settings that attach rhinestones to the fabric can be twisted to establish a firm hold on the cloth. A store specializing in hobbies and crafts may carry the equipment required to set metal. In Tiffany mountings, the stone is crimped over fabric that has been forced through it. In order to secure the stones in place, metal bezels are crimped into the fabric’s front.

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