Best Sports To Bet On Online

Sports betting has been around for ages, even before the internet. The races were more than fast horses and pretty hats; you could win good money if you backed the winning horse. The inception of online betting meant punters were no longer dependent on bookies anymore and could do it themselves.

Sports betting is interesting because it’s not based on luck, but there are statistics that players can use before placing bets. Technology allows betters to make more well-informed bets. There is still the element of surprise, which makes it more fun. Let us take a look at the sports to bet on online.

1. Cricket

The cool thing about cricket betting is that it comes in different formats, such as the T20 series, ODI and Test Cricket. This means that the markets are almost endless, you bet on the number of runs per inning, the team that will have the top bowler, and if you want to show off your skills, you can bet on the coin toss winner.

Cricket also makes it easy to win, but it may go on forever, especially in those test series, so this may not be the one for you if you are low on patience. Cricket betting also requires a certain level of knowledge and some research on the team you are backing, and you can use tools like the cricket betting guide from 10CRIC to help you watch a few matches before placing your bet. Some solid favourites are Australia, India, and England.

2. Horse Racing


Another popular sport with consistent great odds. Betting on horse racing requires strategy, in-depth knowledge of the sports, and thorough research, especially if you plan to play with big money.

An interesting market for horse racing is a forecast bet which requires the player to predict the top two horses in their order. The other markets are quite simple, where you bet on the winner of the race or if your pick will be in the top three.

3. Football

Football is not only the most popular sport, but it is also one of the most lucrative sports in the world. The English Premier League alone is worth a whopping $4.2 billion. Football is one of those easy sports to wager on and win. Firstly, it is easy to understand as a sport, but the market is not complex.

Some notable markets are Double Chance ( select two options from win, loss, or draw), First Goalscorer – (this one is self-explanatory, you just bet on which team will score first.)

Football’s other appeal is variety, and there are so many leagues around the world one can bet on. Each country has its league then there are continental championships like the UEFA Champions League or the CAF Champions League. Then there are the more conspicuous tournaments like AFCON and the FIFA World Cup Tournament.

Football betting has an 80% chance of getting the outcome correct on whatever market you are betting on. Remember to check the statistics for the last three games, and some favourites are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool.

4. Basketball

Basketball is the best for live betting, games can be lightning fast, and there is no shortage of surprises in the NBA. More than just the NBA, there is the FIBA and Euroleague and other leagues to bet on.

Games are played regularly, so there is a little lapse between the action, and the game offers a variety of markets to choose from. You can bet on the team to win the conference, or you can bet on the game within the game by only betting on an individual quarter. Draws are rare in basketball, so it’s best to back a team. Odds range from 1.20 to as high as 2.2 on the favourites.

5. Combat Sports


Combat Sports include boxing, and mixed martial art (MMA), among others. MMA and boxing are the most popular events in this category. The only downside is that worthwhile boxing events are not staged frequently, so you may go for months without a match to bet on.

When they do happen, though, there is always a buzz of excitement, and the odds are pretty good. The betting process is also simple; you only have to choose between the two with two opponents. With MMA fights, you can bet on first-round victory or the method of victory.

6. Tennis

Surprisingly, tennis is one of the easier sports to wager on, and with big events like Wimbledon and the US Open, you can get some incredible odds. These events are available for live streaming, which makes it even better. Tennis is generally fast-paced and sometimes can be over in 90 minutes, so you get the results of your wager quickly.

You can bet first set winners or the overall match-winner and tournament winners.

A few tips

When choosing a sport to place bets on, always try to look for one that has a variety in markets, as this will offer you more opportunities to win. Do your research properly, look at the statistics available for the team or player, and watch a few games or matches before betting.

Remember that no strategy or system is 100%, so bet wisely and set limits for yourself before betting. With that said, go big on the small bets. If you do win, you will have higher odds, and if you lose, the loss won’t be that bad financially.

Bet on sports you know well. This way, you will make better-informed decisions, which could help you win wagers.

Bet on reputable sites so that the research you did initially must also extend to the sites you want to use. You don’t want to risk your money or data using an unregulated site.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the list, some sports are more lucrative than others, and some are easier to understand. We hope you better understand online sports betting and remember as much as you want to win some money, play responsibly and safely.

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