Best Places for young families to live in Illinois

Illinois has a lot to offer for young families, especially in you know which place to choose. Check out this list of the best places for young families to live in Illinois in 2022. After that, feel free to pack your bags, since you can be sure that either of these places is a good choice.

What are the best places for young families to live in Illinois

The easy part of your upcoming move is choosing the right company. You can just go to Blogest and book your move. But, the harder part is finding the potential location. So, what does a young family look for in a place? A safe environment with good schools and plenty of activities to keep the parents and the kids entertained. Keeping all of this in mind, check out these best places for families in Illinois.


In Cook County, bordering the City of Chicago, you’ll find this lovely village. The safe and friendly neighborhoods make this one of the best places for young families to live in Illinois. There’s a park, forest preserves with paths. And the best thing is that everything you need here is within arms’ reach. If you need your belongings transported to new Niles neighborhood contact reliable movers and schedule your move.

Long Grove

This suburb of Chicago has everything you need for your family to have a great life here. People are friendly and willing to help you out. Schools offer many opportunities and have great teachers. Parks are wonderful, and forests and large conservation areas make the place feel rural and cozy. And of course, the area is very safe. Also, there are neighborhoods with affordable homes that will fit your needs.

You’ll fall in love with Long Grove.

Claredon Hills

Claredon Hills is a suburb of Chicago with a population of around 8,800. Did you know that Claredon Hills is constantly named one of the greatest places for families? And it’s not really hard to see why. It’s a safe place with great schools, and a very cute, dynamic downtown. If you take the train, you’ll see how easy it is to get to downtown Chicago.

Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove is one of the nicest, safest, and family-friendly places you’ll ever see. The public schools are amazing, and you’ll never have to worry about your kids getting the education they need. People are very kind and helpful, and it’s easy to make friends here. And there are events and fairs held throughout the whole year, so you won’t get bored living in this lovely place.

It’s good to know that Chicago is not too far away.

Time to make a choice

How to choose only one of these best places for young families to live in Illinois? Take your family for a trip to one of these places. Go to a park or perhaps even visit a school. See if your family likes it there and if they’d like to live in this place. And the choice will be so easy to make once you see that everyone likes your new place.

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