5 Types of Boating Accidents and How to Address Them

Boating accidents, much like traffic collisions, are often avoidable. There is a unique sense of calm that comes with being out on the water, whether it is a lake or the ocean, but accidents do happen. When they do, a responsible boat user or owner has to know what the best course of action is, especially if injuries happen. Here are some types of boating accidents and advice about the options should an incident take place.

What to Do If You Have a Boating Accident

If something happens out there on the water and either you get injured as a result, or the vessel becomes broken, it depends on the context of the event as to what to do. The first step is a preventative measure, to ensure a solid insurance policy is in place before you step foot onto the vehicle. When hiring, companies usually cover insurance detail in the rental contract. As an owner, the task is your responsibility.

The second step is to find an experienced boat accident lawyer. Representation is needed if the accident is your fault, or the other involved party is refusing to do the right thing. Unfortunately, behaving cordially after an accident does not always happen. Lawyers are mediators, negotiators, and problem solvers and will understand the optimum route to resolution. A specific boat accident lawyer is a necessity because of the complicated maritime laws which make any water related incident hard to navigate for those lacking in experience or knowledge.

Types of Boating Accidents

Here are the top types of boating accidents that could happen to anyone.

A Crash

If the boat crashes with another person, the accident is more complicated as there will be two sides to the story, and out on the water, it is hard to get solid evidence. A collision out in the open can cause lots of damage to people and vehicles. The boat may break and take on water, or even sink, and people may suffer lacerations, head injuries, broken limbs or be at risk of drowning.

Falling Overboard

Falling overboard is one of the more common boat related incidents. Drinking and partying on board leads to reckless behavior, and people fall into the water easily. When this happens, there is a significant chance the victim may drown, and a severe risk of injury in some form.

The Boat Capsizes

Boats capsize because of random events, and avoidable errors. It is quite common in smaller styles like kayaks, canoes, and even jet skis, but larger ships can capsize too (though much more rarely). To capsize is when the boat flips over completely and throws the passengers into the water. When this happens, any form of injury may occur.


It may be a collision, or a leak in the structure of the vessel that leads to the integrity being compromised; whatever the reason, a sinking ship is one of the most common types of boat accident that lead to injury.

An accident on the water is potentially extremely dangerous, and the consequences can be grave. Life changing injuries may occur and there is the added complication of the potential to drown.

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