3 Tips for Tailgating with Propane

If you have a big game coming up, you may be planning to tailgate beforehand. Nothing beats some good food and drinks before a big game. If you are in charge of cooking, you probably have a plan for how you are going to pack, set up, cook, and break down.

If this is your first time cooking for the tailgate party, you may need a few tips. If you are in charge of the grill, and it is a propane grill, there are definitely some things to consider before you tailgate and before the game. Consider the following tips for tailgating with propane:

Make Sure You Have a Full Supply

Be sure to check your tank at least the day before the game. It would be a rookie mistake to show up for the tailgate party with not enough propane to cook all the food you have planned. Be sure to check your tank, ideally a few days before the game, and fill up as needed.

Do this a few days before so you can avoid the last minute hassle of trying to fill up right before the game, or worse, running out of propane while cooking. Head to your propane supplier for a quick refill, and even consider bringing a second tank if you have the space to do so securely.

Transport Safely

Safety is paramount when it comes to transporting propane. First, you need to ensure that you have disconnected the propane tank from the grill. It would be unsafe to transport a grill with the propane tank still attached. The propane tank itself should remain in an upright position during transportation and should be kept secure in the vehicle so that it cannot roll or bounce around while you are driving.

If the tank is knocked over or jostled, you could experience a propane leak. The tank should not be transported in the trunk. The suggested place to transport a propane tank is on the floor of the backseat (or on the backseat if space on the floor is limited). You can also crack the back windows as a precaution in case of a leak.

Grilling Tips

Be sure to set up your grilling around a little distance away from cars and other flammable substances. Take care in reconnecting your propane tank after transport. Once you have your tank hooked up to your grill, and you are ready to get cooking, be sure to light your grill with the hood open in case of a leak.

Never leave your grill unattended while cooking, and keep an eye out for kids running around the area. Once you are finished cooking, give your grill ample time to cool down before the game. You can open the hood to help cool down the grill. Be sure to clean up your area.

As you pack up your items after the game, transport your propane tank just as carefully home as you did to the game. Following these tips for tailgating with propane will give you a fun and safe experience at your next tailgate party.

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