15 Crazy & Fun Things to Do in Aruba After the Pandemic

15 Crazy & Fun Things to Do in Aruba After the Pandemic

Aruba is a land where you will get to witness what paradise truly is, and there are a lot of crazy things which you can try out. Your vacation in Aruba will not be a simple affair because there is something in the air that makes everyone indulge in the crazy island vibes. There is nothing better than you will ever get, as going on a Caribbean vacation is just a dream for many people, and it is just totally worth it.

The vibes of Aruba are just so unique and filled with relaxation that you will not want to leave the island and go back home. If you are a crazy one who wants to try out many incredible things, then Aruba is just the perfect destination for you. The Aruba Condo Rental are quite in trend, and you must try them out by skip staying at the hotel. The condo rental in Aruba have many facilities and cost less that the hotels which are available in Aruba.

If you are planning your vacation in the peak season, then you must book your vacation rentals online itself at www.VacationAruba.com. There are so many activities over there which you will never want to miss. Some people only think that Aruba is only about the pristine white sand beaches, but that is not the case as there are many other things that are the hidden gems of the island.

Your vacation in Aruba will be full of fascinating things that will take you by surprise. There are tons of things which you must do, and you must take out the adventure freak out in you, or you might lose out on the great time you have in Aruba. When you visit the island, you must plan your days well to do all the things you want to do. Here are the 15 crazy things to do in Aruba.

1. Visit All The Beaches

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, you should not leave out any beach of Aruba as every beach has its own unique thing. Don’t waste your time exploring just one beach, or else you will be just wasting your vacation away.

2. Watch the Sunset in Aruba

The sunsets you get to see in Aruba are world-famous, and surely you should not miss them. There are various places on the island where you can get the best views of the sunset. If you are a lover of alluring sunsets, you can take time out to view them every day as it is a different experience altogether.

3. Walk on The White Sand Beaches

The white sand beaches of Aruba have a specialty that even when the temperature is scorching high, you will be able to walk barefoot on the beach’s white sand. You have to experience this in Aruba because on most beaches, and the sand gets so hot that you cannot walk on it barefoot at all.

4. Cliff Jumping

Take the adventure enthusiast inside you out and try out cliff jumping. There is some awesome cliff jumping spots where you can try it out. Before trying it out, make sure that you know that it is an extreme adventure, so you should be prepared for it at all times.

5. Get to Know About the Dutch History

The island is known to have a rich heritage and history, and when you are visiting the island, you must get to know about it. There are various places that will tell you about them, and you also interact with the locals to know as they would be happy to tell you about them.

6. Visit the Antilla Shipwreck

Aruba is famous for the largest shipwreck, which is found there, known as the Antilla Shipwreck. Go on a diving adventure and makes sure to explore it. The whole experience of it is just like a dream. If you are an explorer, then you will love it.

7. Get Amazing Views from the California Lighthouse

You can get amazing views of Aruba by climbing the California Lighthouse. It is a very popular landmark destination, and you will surely love it, visit it and enjoy the views.

8. Go for An Off-roading Tour

Adventure is at its peak with the off-roading tours as you will be able to explore Aruba and also get the punch of thrill that you have been looking for. You can book them with Around Aruba Tours & Rentals to get the best experience.

9. Try Parasailing

Parasailing is something through which you will feel the best of exhilaration as you will get an aerial view of the breathtaking island. It is quite an experience, and for some people, it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It would be best if you tried this, and you will enjoy the experience of it.

10. Do Hiking

You must enjoy nature when you are in Aruba, and the best one is at Arikok National Park. This park accounts for more than 18% area of the island, and it is lush green along with excellent trails. You will enjoy your hiking experience here.

11. Take a First Time Kayak Tour

You will have a fantastic time by trying out a Kayak Tour in Aruba. It is a great outdoor activity to try out with your friends and family members. Have an exhilarating ride of your lifetime.

12. Fishing Lovers Can Try Deep Sea Fishing

If you are a fishing lover, nothing is better than trying out deep sea fishing as it is filled with thrill and excitement. The water of Aruba is filled with different variety of exotic fishes, which you can catch on a deep-sea fishing trip.

13. Catamaran Sail

You must explore the Caribbean Sea when you are in Aruba. Feel the gentle

breeze and enjoy the waves of the sea. Sip on your favorite drinks and make the most of the luxurious Catamaran Sail. You can book a Catamaran Sail with your family, and you will surely enjoy it.

14. Swim in the Natural Pool

The natural pool of Aruba is truly amazing, and you must not miss out on it. You can swim freely in the natural pool, which is something that is not found everywhere.

15. Take Pictures with The Flamingos

On the private beach of Aruba, you will find flamingos to feed them and take pictures with them. You will truly cherish the moment of meeting the flamingos and clicking photographs.

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