ZTT’s Marine & Offshore Cable Solutions: Reliable, Customizable, and Compliant

ZTT is a trusted and experienced manufacturer and supplier of marine and offshore cables, providing reliable energy storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry. With an annual output of 15,000 kilometers, ZTT has established itself as a professional company known for delivering high-quality cables with quick delivery times. This article explores ZTT’s marine and offshore cable solutions, including their construction, compliance with international standards, extensive product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

High-Quality Construction and Compliance with International Standards

ZTT’s marine and offshore cables feature a robust construction to withstand the challenging marine environment. They consist of a conductor (bare or tinned copper) insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (90°C) or ethylene propylene rubber (90°C). The cables are shielded with metallic screen (metallic tapes or wires) and armored with metal tape/wires as per requirements. For anti-corrosion protection, they are covered by extruded PVC (ST2), PO (SHF1), XLPO (SHF2), or Mud resistant XLPO (SHF Mud) sheath. These cables adhere to international standards such as IEC, NEK, and JIS, and can be manufactured according to specific customer requirements and standards.

Extensive Range of Marine & Offshore Cable Products

ZTT offers an extensive range of marine and offshore cables, providing solutions for various applications. Their marine and offshore cables are designed for voltages up to 30kV, ensuring reliable and efficient power transmission in demanding environments. Additionally, ZTT produces other specialized cables such as coaxial cables, Ethernet cables, BUS cables, OPLC, shore power cables, and port machinery cables. This diverse product range enables ZTT to cater to specific industry requirements and provide customized cable solutions.

ZTT: Experienced Manufacturer and Supplier with Quick Delivery Time

With years of experience and expertise in the field, ZTT has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of marine and offshore cables. Their annual output of 15,000 kilometers showcases their commitment to delivering high-quality products consistently. Furthermore, ZTT understands the importance of quick delivery times to meet customer requirements promptly. By prioritizing efficiency and reliability, ZTT aims to build trust and exceed customer expectations in every project.


ZTT’s marine and offshore cable solutions offer reliability, customization, and compliance with international standards. The cables are constructed with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the challenging marine environment. With an extensive range of products and the ability to meet specific industry requirements, ZTT provides versatile solutions for various applications. Their experience as a manufacturer and supplier, coupled with their commitment to quick delivery times, ensures customer satisfaction and establishes ZTT as a trusted partner in the marine and offshore cable industry.

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