Youibot’s Leading Mobile Robotics Series: Transforming Industrial Logistics

In the dynamic realm of industrial logistics and supply chain operations, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have emerged as game-changers. As one of the top mobile robotics companies globally, Youibot spearheads innovation with its unparalleled Robot Series. Let’s explore how Youibot’s cutting-edge solutions are reshaping industrial automation, driving efficiency, and empowering manufacturers to excel in their competitive landscapes.

Lifting Series: Optimizing Material Handling with Precision

Youibot’s Lifting Series AMRs, equipped with upper lifting and rotating modules, streamline the automatic transfer of various items across industries like automotive, FMCG, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and warehousing. Their compact design ensures adaptability to diverse scenarios, offering unmatched efficiency in material handling tasks.

Platform Series: Versatile Solutions for Seamless Material Transportation

The Platform Series AMRs provide versatile solutions for material transportation tasks, supporting over 10 top modules and cobots with their universal interfaces. Whether in warehouses, cleanrooms, or production lines, these mobile platform robots offer flexible solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Operation Series: Advanced Robotics Integration for Semiconductor Automation

Youibot’s Operation Series integrates AMR technology with robotic arm, vision, and clamping jaw capabilities, catering specifically to semiconductor production automation. These robots enable mobile operations to transfer and load/unload Foup Pods, magazines, and more between different processes, exemplifying Youibot’s commitment to innovation and industry-specific solutions.

Automatic Trolley Series: Streamlining Picking and Goods Handling

The Youibot AT series of autonomous mobile robots revolutionize picking, goods handling, sorting, and other tasks. By optimizing workflows and reducing errors, they enhance productivity and efficiency. Equipped with advanced navigation technology, these robots achieve indoor repeat positioning accuracy of ±10mm, ensuring seamless operations in dynamic environments.


In conclusion, Youibot’s Leading Mobile Robotics Series signifies a paradigm shift in industrial automation, offering tailored solutions for diverse material handling tasks. As one of the top mobile robotics companies globally, Youibot continues to lead the charge in reshaping the future of industrial logistics. With a focus on innovation and addressing industry-specific needs, Youibot stands as a trusted partner in driving efficiency and competitiveness for manufacturers worldwide.

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