WEGO’s Enfit Syringe: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Feeding Solutions

The Enfit syringe by WEGO is a specialized device designed to deliver medication to animals, infants, or individuals who require feeding assistance. With a long-standing history in the medical industry, WEGO’s medical consumables has consistently provided reliable and high-quality solutions since its inception in 1988. The Enfit syringe is one of the notable offerings in WEGO’s comprehensive line of advanced syringe products. With various specifications and a focus on safety and precision, WEGO’s Enfit syringe is a trusted choice for feeding applications.

Wide Range of Specifications

WEGO recognizes the importance of catering to diverse feeding needs, and their Enfit feeding syringe is available in a variety of specifications. The syringe options include 1cc/ml, 2cc/ml, 3cc/ml, 5cc/ml, 10cc/ml, 20cc/ml, and 50cc/ml capacities. This extensive range allows healthcare professionals and caregivers to select the appropriate syringe size based on the specific requirements of the feeding process. Whether it is for precise medication delivery or larger volume feedings, WEGO’s Enfit syringe provides a suitable solution.

Reliable Construction and Parts

WEGO’s Enfit syringe is built with sturdy and durable components to ensure reliable performance. The syringe consists of three essential parts: the barrel, piston, and plunger. These components are designed to work seamlessly together, providing smooth and accurate operation during the feeding process. The high-quality construction of the Enfit syringe ensures that it can withstand repeated use without compromising its functionality, meeting the demands of daily feeding routines.

Offers Longevity, Convenience, and Safety

WEGO understands the importance of product longevity and convenience. Their Enfit syringe has a three-year shelf life, allowing healthcare facilities and caregivers ample time to stock and utilize the syringes effectively. Flexible packaging options, including blister packs, PE packaging, and bulk packaging, ensure easy storage and dispensing in various healthcare settings. Safety is paramount, with the Enfit syringe compliant with the Enfit ISO standard, reducing misconnections and ensuring accurate delivery of food or medication. WEGO’s commitment to safety is reinforced by stringent quality control processes, ensuring each Enfit syringe meets high standards of performance and reliability.


WEGO’s Enfit feeding syringe stands out as a reliable and safe solution for feeding applications. With a wide range of specifications, durable construction, extended shelf life, and flexible packaging options, WEGO’s Enfit syringe meets the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and caregivers. By choosing WEGO’s Enfit feeding syringe, users can have confidence in its precision and reliability, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of food or medication during feeding procedures.

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