The Importance of Enterprise Strength in Done Power’s Success

When it comes to providing high-quality LED drivers, Done Power understands the significance of enterprise strength. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Done Power has invested heavily in research and development (R&D), allowing them to stay at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, their adherence to strict quality management systems ensures that their products meet the highest standards.

The Importance of Enterprise Strength in Done Power's Success

Investing in R&D for Superior Products

At the core of Done Power’s enterprise strength is its emphasis on R&D. With a large team of nearly a hundred experienced engineers, most of whom possess extensive knowledge in the LED driver industry, the company continuously strives to develop cutting-edge products. By prioritizing R&D, Done Power ensures that their products are technologically advanced, reliable, and efficient, meeting the evolving needs of customers.

Strict Quality Management System

Done Power understands that product quality is crucial to their success. Hence, they have implemented the ISO9001 quality management system, which sets stringent requirements for raw material inspection, production process inspection, and finished product inspection. As part of their quality control measures, each finished product undergoes a 100% aging test. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that customers and the market are satisfied with the highest quality products.


Done Power’s commitment to enterprise strength is evident in their investments in R&D and strict quality management systems. By continually striving for innovation, ensuring product quality, and increasing production efficiency, Done Power is poised to remain a leading player in the LED driver industry. As they work towards building a fully automatic production line.

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