the B501DSL Series PV Water Pump Controller by Bedford Electric

Bedford Electric is proud to present the B501DSL Series, a revolutionary solution for PV water pump controller systems. With a focus on environmentally friendly economy, these controllers are designed to replace batteries with water storage, eliminating the need for any battery components.

Solar Pumping System Auto MPPT 99%

Efficiency is key when it comes to utilizing solar energy. The B501DSL Series incorporates an advanced MPPT tracking algorithm that maximizes power generation efficiency from solar cell arrays. This ensures that your water pump system operates at its peak performance, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Various Protection Functions and Applicable to Multiple Scenarios

The B501DSL Series offers a range of protective functions that safeguard your water pump from potential hazards. It includes features such as automatic water level control, preventing the pump from running dry, and a sleep function that intelligently adjusts the pump’s operation based on sunlight intensity. Moreover, this PV water pump controller is designed to withstand various voltage levels, providing full power coverage. It is specifically designed for water supply users and can be applied to a wide range of scenarios.


The B501DSL Series PV Water Pump Controller by Bedford Electric is a game-changer in solar photovoltaic water pumping systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, this controller replaces traditional energy storage methods with water storage, resulting in significant cost savings in system construction, operation, and maintenance. Its advanced MPPT tracking algorithm maximizes power generation efficiency, while the array of protective functions ensures the longevity of your water pump. With Bedford Electric’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, the B501DSL Series is the ideal choice for those seeking an economical and environmentally friendly solution for their water pumping needs.

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