Shenling at ISH Expo and Warsaw Expo: Showcasing Split Heat Pump Excellence

Shenling, a renowned heating and cooling solutions provider, is pleased to attend the ISH Expo and Warsaw Expo. Shenling showcases their split thermal pump water heater technology at these major industrial expos. By emphasising efficiency and variety, Shenling‘s goods will have a big effect.

Exhibitor at Prominent Industry Expos

As an exhibitor at the ISH Expo and Warsaw Expo, Shenling has the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, experts, and potential partners. These expos attract a wide range of stakeholders, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborations. Shenling’s presence at these events demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the heating and cooling industry.

Showcasing Split Heat Pump Water Heater Technology

Shenling will be showcasing its split heat pump water heater technology at the expos. These innovative systems offer exceptional performance, particularly in cold weather conditions. With a minimum operating ambient temperature of -25℃, Shenling’s mini split heat pumps are designed to excel even in the harshest climates. Furthermore, they can deliver hot water with a maximum outlet temperature of 65℃, ensuring comfort and convenience for users.

Energy Efficiency and User-Friendly Features

Shenling split thermal pump water heaters are energy efficient, user-friendly, and perform well. A+++ energy class ratings ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings with these systems. A full-color LCD display controller simplifies system operation and monitoring. Heat pumps also heat, chill, and provide household hot water.


ISH Expo and Warsaw Expo participation shows Shenling’s dedication to heating and cooling innovation and excellence. Shenling performs well in harsh weather with its split thermal pump water heater technology. These systems are ideal for household and commercial use because to their energy efficiency and ease of operation. Shenling hopes to build connections and demonstrate its commitment to cutting-edge solutions by exhibiting its products at these expos. Experience the power of Shenling’s split heat pump water heaters for efficient and adaptable heating and cooling.

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