Private Retro Safari Dubai – Things to Know

Do you ever experience a Retro safari? Most people don’t know and experience it. If you are also one of them, you should not worry about what it is? How to book? What does it includes and what not. In this way, you are in the right place to know everything about Private Retro desert safari Dubai.

What is Private Retro safari?

The heritage of the inhabitants of Arabia will be demonstrated to you by experienced Desert Safari Dubai storming steep dunes, and at sunset, professional falconers will show falconry techniques. Besides, you will watch the dance of professional Ayalla Arab men. You will familiarize yourself with the preparation of Arabic coffee and bread, enjoy fragrant hookahs, admire the skilful painting of henna hands and spend an unforgettable evening in the ethnic atmosphere of a comfortable camp in the newest Dubai nature reserve.

To increase the happy hormones, you should experience the environment of a real desert in Bedouin camps. Hop on the back of a camel and have the fun of a camel desert safari for a short time. Moreover, the Private retro Dubai desert safari involves a luxurious dinner based on national traditions.

Dress code for Retro Safari:

One should not wear heavy clothes and accessories as they make you uncomfortable. To avoid all these, you should wear sports style clothes for a retro desert safari. It is easy to carry and comfortable.

Traditional Drinks:

All soft drinks are available for tourists, and these are non-alcoholic like water, Arabian coffee and tea. For non-muslims, alcoholic drinks are available, but they can drink at a particular place and charge per drink. It is good to know that alcohol is prohibited during the holy month and Ramadan as per government rule.

Capture Photogenic Views:

During the retro desert safari, no one wants to miss any moment. In this way, you are allowed to capture amazing sunset views and many photogenic sceneries of the desert. The falconry show is also included in this type of desert safari. So, capture brave pictures and make your trip unique and memorable.

Dune Buggy:

How one can forget the Dune buggy during a desert safari in Dubai? Most tourist wants to have this adrenaline-boosting experience in the middle of the desert. A dune buggy is also the part of Retro desert safari. If you are new to desert safari, you should know that a Dune buggy does not require any experience and license. But you have to listen and follow all the instructions. After this, you are allowed to drive for a short time.

Entertainment activities:

Retro desert safari does not keep you away from the entertainment of Dubai desert safari. It includes many activities like henna painting, tattoo, traditional Belly dance, Tanoura dance, fire show and brave falconry.

Children are allowed:

Many people worry about their children either taking them or not? In this way, you should follow the children’s policy for a retro-style desert safari. Children less than one year are not permitted to take on safari. But above one year can enjoy the safari. If your child is up to two years, you should book a separate retro-style car to enjoy. Otherwise, it turns into a congested ride which is uncomfortable.

Approximate Price for Retro Style desert safari:

For a couple of people, mostly trip organizers in Dubai, charge $850, and for three people, it requires $935. Moreover, if your group consists of four people, you will charge $1020. It will go accordingly. You can book your ticket online and the cash method. After booking, you will get a confirmation message or email. On the final day, a luxurious retro style car will come to pick you up from your location and take you away in the middle of the desert.

Retro safari ride duration:

It will end in 1 hour and 30 minutes. So it would help if you prepared accordingly. Not more than 6 people are allowed for a retro car desert safari.

Things to Remember:

Always keep your Credit card or some cash with you. Keep your Camcord handy to capture the eye-catching and jaw-dropping view.

Your backpack should not be heavy and contain unnecessary things. Only pack essentials like headwear, goggles, sunscreen, water, and a shawl for the night as the desert’s temperate drops, and it becomes cold.

Final words:

This is exactly what you need if you have time in the afternoon until late in the evening. You will find everything organized, like on-time hotel pickup, the jeep ride through the desert, the parking lots, the falcon show, and the late dinner at the Bedouin camp under the stars in the middle of the desert.

Book Desert Safari:

For those who crave real authenticity and want to touch the Arab traditions and culture, try the best Retro style desert safari, which is especially for you. Experience a starry sky through a telescope, a rest with dinner in a cozy place in the middle of the desert. You will surely miss the authenticity and warmness of the entire trip.

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