Private Label Sauce Manufacturer: JOLION Foods Offers Quality and Customizable Sauces

In the world of food and condiments, one brand that stands out is JOLION Foods, a renowned private label sauce manufacturer. With their commitment to quality, customization, and superior taste, JOLION Foods has become a trusted partner for many businesses in the food industry. Their flagship product, the 1.8L Private Label Dark Soy Sauce Jolion, represents the essence of their exceptional offerings.

 1.8L Private Label Dark Soy Sauce Jolion

The 1.8L Private Label Dark Soy Sauce Jolion, under the Happy Mum Brand, exudes an enticing dark brown and lustrous color. Crafted with traditional natural brewing methods, this soy sauce delivers a distinctive taste that is both salty and fresh. Made from selected soya beans, the sauce boasts a rich sauce flavor that enhances the overall taste of any dish.

JOLION Foods’ Commitment to Quality

As a private label sauce manufacturer, JOLION Foods ensures that quality takes center stage in their production process. They adhere to stringent certifications such as HACCP, BRC, Halal, Kosher, and FDA, guaranteeing that their products meet the highest safety and quality standards. With a supply ability of 1200 tons per month, JOLION Foods has the capacity to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. What sets JOLION Foods apart from other private label sauce manufacturers is their ability to offer customizable solutions. They understand that every business has unique requirements, and they have the expertise to tailor their products to meet these specifications. Whether it’s adjusting the taste, color, or packaging, JOLION Foods can create a sauce that truly reflects the brand and vision of their clients.


When it comes to private label sauce manufacturing, JOLION Foods is a name that you can trust. Their 1.8L Private Label Dark Soy Sauce Jolion, crafted with precision and passion, showcases their dedication to exceptional taste and quality. With their ability to customize products and their commitment to meeting industry certifications, JOLION Foods is a reliable partner for businesses in the food industry. Choose JOLION Foods as your private label sauce manufacturer and experience the difference in flavor and quality.

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