Improved Transparency and Simple Measurement with a Silicone Balloon Catheter

The Silicone Balloon Catheter is an advanced urinary catheter that Wellead Medical is pleased to provide. It is designed to provide improved visibility and ease of use. Medical personnel can perform accurate and efficient catheterization with the help of this device, which has a see-through shaft, a radiopaque tip and line, and color coding for size identification.

Transparent Shaft for Improved Drainage Observation

The Silicone Balloon Catheter by Wellead Medical features a transparent shaft, allowing healthcare professionals to easily observe the drainage flow. This enhanced visibility enables real-time monitoring and assessment of the catheter’s performance, ensuring optimal drainage and patient comfort.

Radiopaque Tip and Line for Precise Placement

To facilitate accurate placement, Wellead Medical’s Silicone Balloon Catheter is equipped with a radiopaque tip and line along its entire length. This feature enables healthcare professionals to visualize the catheter’s position during insertion and ensures precise placement within the urinary tract. With this enhanced visibility, clinicians can confidently perform catheterization procedures, minimizing the risk of complications.

Color Coding for Quick Size Identification

Wellead Medical understands the importance of efficient workflow in healthcare settings. The Silicone Balloon Catheter incorporates color coding, allowing for fast and easy identification of different sizes. This intuitive system streamlines the catheter selection process, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for errors. Healthcare professionals can quickly identify the appropriate catheter size, ensuring a smooth and efficient catheterization experience.

Wellead Medical: Your Trusted Provider of Silicone Balloon Catheters

When it comes to silicone balloon catheters, Wellead Medical is a trusted name in the industry. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Wellead Medical offers healthcare professionals reliable and advanced catheter solutions. Trust Wellead Medical as your preferred partner for silicone balloon catheters that prioritize visibility, precision, and ease of use.


In summary, the Silicone Balloon Catheter by Wellead Medical provides enhanced visibility and convenience for urinary catheterization. The transparent shaft allows for easy observation of drainage flow, while the radiopaque tip and line ensure precise placement. The color coding system facilitates quick and accurate size identification, streamlining workflow in healthcare settings. If you are looking for high-quality silicone balloon catheters, your best bet is Wellead Medical. Their products will enhance your catheterization treatments by making them more visible, precise, and efficient.

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