How much do Korean Webtoon Writers earn per month in 2022?

If you are a comic lover, you must have turned to the famous works, True Beauty, Sweet home, Tower of God. However, many webtoons are not known to many audiences. So, how will manga creators – Korean Webtoons earn? Does it depend on the popularity of their work?

Typically, a cartoonist’s salary is determined by their level of expertise. Freelance artists (those who do not yet have work) will frequently work as assistants for other writers to hone their talents or engage in manga drawing initiatives. This internship also allows them to qualify to publish comics with large publishers. These young artists will be paid hourly at a rate that is now acceptable. On Naver, an apprentice painter will cost $10/hour, intermediate around $25/hour, and experience around $65/hr. In Korea, freelance artists are very numerous.

Digital comics have become popular in Korea as the country ranks number one worldwide in smartphone ownership and Internet usage. Therefore, the number of people reading the Webtoon skyrocketed, bringing good revenue to the manufacturers. According to Pulse’s report in 2019, the company NAVER webtoon achieved revenue of more than 720 million USD in 2019 and increased to 750 million USD in 2020 (Korea Times 2020). Naver is considered the largest Webtoon platform in Korea, and it is also a source of income for authors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When compared to traditional manhwa, webtoons have some advantages. The webtoon is detailed in terms of visuals, precisely colored, and specifically structured for reading on smartphone devices with only one swipe across the screen, in addition to rich material from romance, horror, and action.

The most compelling argument for the popularity of this comic book genre is its portability. You may watch Webtoon, Novelupdates from anywhere as long as you have an Internet-connected device.

The majority of Webtoons are long-form. It allows users to see news on their tablets or phones more easily. However, there are still certain limits to how webtoons are currently run in terms of copyright and compensation for authors.

For starters, Best Webtoons creators get compensated by the site. The site distributes advertising income to authors since it generates it from free users.

Many readers pay a small fee for services such as previewing the next episode of a series, in addition to the favorable advertising money. Film adaptations and TV series account for the majority of Webtoons earnings. ‘Along With the Gods,’ by webtoon author Joo Ho-min, is the most popular original work on the Webtoon. The first season of ‘The Two Worlds’ drew 15,500,000 viewers in Korea alone, while the second season drew 15,000,000 viewers. ‘The Last 49 Days’ was also a major hit. Conversions have exploded by the late 2010s. “Misaeng,” “True beauty,” “Extraordinary you,” and “Itaewon Class” are some of the works that have become popular “, and Cheese in the Trap all have original webtoons.

In addition, income is earned from paper book royalties (if they publish), royalty fees for side works (games, novels, etc.), and merchandise royalties.

Their average annual income does not appear to be very high. However, many individuals who said their yearly income was more than $50,000 did so because they made more than $100,000.

Aside from Korea, professional animators are moving to Webtoons, Manhwa, Manhua in various Asian nations. As mobile platforms become more prevalent, the market is expected to rise. If this is the case, the typical working environment will improve, and their predicted earnings would rise.

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