Food Safety Standards with Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detectors

Easyweigh presents the Conveyor Metal Detector FMD-30/40/50/60, a precision-driven solution designed to ensure food safety by detecting metal contaminants with exceptional sensitivity and stability. Targeting ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel, this advanced metal detector is an indispensable tool for maintaining product integrity in various industries.

Superior Contaminant Detection Technology

Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detector for food industry, offering unparalleled sensitivity and stability for identifying metal contaminants. With precision and reliability at its core, Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detector plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumer health by swiftly and accurately identifying any potential metal contaminants present in the food production process. By swiftly detecting and eliminating foreign objects such as metal particles, manufacturers can mitigate risks, uphold industry regulations, and uphold the highest standards of food safety.

Versatile Applications and Industry Expertise

Widely utilized across diverse sectors such as food processing, poultry, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and toys, Easyweigh’s food metal detectors cater to a broad spectrum of packaging products. From bread and nuts to meat, poultry, sausages, and pharmaceutical pills, these detectors are adaptable to various production environments, reflecting Easyweigh’s expertise in metal detection solutions for the food industry.


Easyweigh’s Conveyor Metal Detectors offer a reliable and efficient means to enhance product quality and compliance within the food industry. With a commitment to advanced technology and industry expertise, Easyweigh empowers businesses to secure their production lines and uphold stringent food safety standards. Explore the range of food metal detectors available from Easyweigh today and elevate your quality control processes with trusted and efficient metal detection solutions.

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