Everyone Needs Capital Growth Investment

People Need Capital Growth Investment

With runaway inflation making the headlines all over the world these days, family breadwinners are correct to be concerned about their future financial security. With savings accounts almost always performing below the rate of inflation, many people who were brought up to believe in the safety of savings accounts now realize they’re falling behind in meeting their financial goals.

Most people who were firm believers in the value of savings accounts talk about the degree of safety and security they provide. But that safety is now beginning to cost them money when compared to the inflation rate. Many concerned people are turning to capital growth investments for the hedge against inflation they offer.

Quality Investments Minimize Risk

Many of the people who grew up with the idea that basic savings plans were the safest investments never looked beyond them to see what other types of investments are available these days.

The truth is that you don’t need to assume more risk to earn more than the inflation rate if you choose a modern and well-managed investment, said experts from Womack Investment Advisersnon-traded real estate investments and private equity are just some of the non-traditional ways Womack Investment Advisers grow their clients’ wealth. The company was established in 2000 and supports its clients in seeking financial security while setting a plan for the future. Womack Investment Advisers is an independent group and generates its own research to support financial advisory strategies. The company was established in 2000 by Greg Womack, CFP.

Explore Investing with Investors Trust

Inflation is now at about 2.5% per annum (p.a). A fixed-income account earns 3.5% p.a., and an index fund account tied to the S&P 500 earns nearly 7%! Most quality firms managing these types of investments offer 100% safety on your principal investment.

The flexibility, availability of a wide range of investment options, and the liquidity offered have opened the eyes of some former savings plan devotees. Flexibility means you have the option of changing your investment portfolio at any time to take advantage of trends and new opportunities. You also have the ability to make these changes by yourself by accessing your private account online. The liquidity offered by these plans means you can always access your assets in an emergency without having to sustain a considerable loss.

Investors Trust offers a variety of investment plans to suit everyone’s needs and lifestyles. Some of our products include:

  • Our Evolution savings plan includes extra allocations and a loyalty bonus depending on how long you save.
  • Platinum is an account that gives you access to a wide range of mutual funds covering all available options for the international investor. It offers security through the private custody of assets.
  • Our MSCI Index Composition account offers increased diversification across some of the world’s top-performing international companies.
  • Our S&P 500 Index offers unlimited growth potential with downside protection on investments of 10, 15 and 20 years.
  • With our Fixed Income Portfolio, your principal is 100% guaranteed. It’s a low-risk investment offering a steady income, fixed and variable rate options, and low minimums.
  • Access Portfolio is a lump sum, open architecture portfolio bond product that provides flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit the requirements of investors.

The solid managerial reputation of Investors Trust and the quality and security of the investment products they offer means that anyone can guarantee their future financial security. You can take care of your family, provide for their needs, and plan your retirement with confidence. Best of all, investing in one of our products means you’ll always stay ahead of the inflation rate.

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