Enhancing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with Winline Technology’s EV Charger Power Modules

In the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market, the demand for efficient and reliable charging infrastructure is paramount. Winline Technology, a leading provider of cutting-edge EV charging solutions, offers advanced power modules specifically designed for EV chargers. These power modules, known as EV charger power module or power module for EV charger, play a crucial role in converting and distributing power for seamless charging experiences. With Winline Technology’s expertise and innovative solutions, businesses and organizations can enhance their EV charging infrastructure and meet the growing demands of the electric mobility era.

Advanced Technology for Efficient EV Charging

Efficient power conversion and distribution are essential for optimal charging performance. Winline Technology’s EV charger power modules, such as the UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module, incorporate state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional charging capabilities. With an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, these modules are suitable for various types of EVs, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in charging infrastructure. The ultra-high output power of 40KW constant power output enables fast and efficient charging across a wide range of output voltages, providing a seamless charging experience for EV owners.

Reliability and Efficiency for Enhanced Performance

Winline Technology’s EV charger power modules are built to perform reliably in diverse conditions. With a full-power wide working temperature range of -40~55℃, they maintain consistent and reliable charging capabilities, even in extreme weather conditions. The full load working efficiency of ≥ 95.5% ensures high efficiency throughout the entire working range, resulting in extra energy savings and reduced operating costs. Additionally, these power modules operate quietly, thanks to ultra-low noise levels, providing a pleasant charging environment.

Meeting Industry Standards and Ensuring Cost-effectiveness

Winline Technology’s EV charger power modules are designed to meet industry standards and ensure compliance with regulations. They have obtained CE, TUV, and UL certifications, signifying their adherence to rigorous quality and safety standards. Furthermore, these modules meet ROHS requirements, ensuring environmental friendliness and sustainability. The built-in residual voltage releasing circuit lowers costs and enhances reliability by effectively managing residual voltages during the charging process, contributing to a more cost-effective and robust charging infrastructure.


Winline Technology’s EV charger power modules are at the forefront of efficient and reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles. With their advanced technology, including the UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module, these power modules offer compatibility, flexibility, and high performance for EV charging infrastructure. The ultra-wide output voltage range, high efficiency, and ultra-low noise levels contribute to a seamless and user-friendly charging experience. By embracing Winline Technology’s EV charger power modules, businesses and organizations can confidently build robust and sustainable charging infrastructure that supports the transition to clean and efficient electric mobility.

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