Business ideas you should invest money now

Business ideas you should invest money now

Fashion does not stand still: it affects not only the fashion industry, but also interior design. In order to demonstrate your taste and make the situation more modern, sometimes a few details are enough. But what is relevant today? We talk about fashionable decor in 2022.

Fashion stuff on Instagram

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Accent mirrors

A mirrored canvas is not only a functional item that reflects its owner and visually expands the space of a room, but also a decorative element that can become an interior decoration. A mirror in an unusual frame can zone the room and accentuate a certain part of the room. Natural materials do not lose their relevance. Choose a frame made of natural wood (not imitation!) or metal. Stabilized moss decor is still in fashion.


At the interior shows in Milan, Paris and Copenhagen, there was an increased demand for needlework, macrame, and unusual wood decor. To make the situation look stylish, the products must be neat, with thoughtful colors. In 2022, boho style will not lose its popularity: decorative pillows with tassels, homespun rugs and homemade dream catchers will help fill the house with coziness, as well as add ethnic touches to the atmosphere.


The love of plants has been an important part of the atmosphere in the home for the past couple of years, and this trend continues unabated. At interior exhibitions, indoor flowers are used not only as tapeworms (you will not surprise anyone with this), but also in the form of compositions. Phyto Walls and florariums are still popular. Plants are also built into furniture – shelves, coffee tables.Spread your houseplants throughout the space, not just on the windowsill, for an urban jungle effect.

Fancy vases

A designer vase can become a highlight of the interior, if it has harmonious forms and attracts everyone’s attention. Tactility in design comes to the fore, so matte finishes are in fashion, which make you want to touch the product.

If you want to give the atmosphere airiness and lightness, choose unusually shaped vases made of transparent and colored glass. If your choice is environmental friendliness and comfort, clay products are suitable. You can also use cans, enameled jugs and even glass flasks as vases.

Branches, dried flowers and wreaths

Not every person can afford to keep cut flowers in the house: fresh bouquets are expensive and require care. To be in trend and enjoy the beauty of nature every day, the room can be decorated with a bouquet of dried flowers: cereals (rye, wheat, pampas grass), cotton, lavender are in fashion today. 

But the rarer the plant you dry or buy, the more interesting your environment will be. Branches and wreaths from them can be prepared independently by selecting and drying the material in a park or forest. Blanks are painted, decorated with flowers and cones, complemented with garland

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