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As you probably know, the video game industry in India is booming and its growth continues. If the video games of American, European or Asian studios are dominating the market, some Indian studios have developed games that have all it takes to compete with the big names. India has a strong cultural identity and it is starting to be expressed in video games thanks to certain studios, sometimes under the impulse of international editors who collaborate with local developers. In this article, we invite you to discover a selection of Indian offline video games. If you prefer online video games you can experience online casino India real money at Casumo, where you will also find games inspired by Indian culture, such as teen patti or themed slot machines for example. Nowadays, there is such a wide range of games available that there is surely something that suits you!


Take on the role of a detective in Rainswept and travel through the town of Pineview to try to solve a murder case. This game offers you to evolve in a typical Indian environment, you will have the possibility to interact with the inhabitants and to explore the city to gather clues. But beware, you will also have to face your fears… This excellent narrative fiction combines adventure, mystery and love and no special skills are required to complete the game.


The list of Rogue-like games is getting longer with Asura! If the game has all the codes of the brutal hack and slash, it also incorporates a good amount of Indian mythology. Asura offers different game modes, an interesting choice of weapons and an unique skill tree that changes with each game. Developed by Ogre Head Studio, the quality of Asura has been recognized with several awards and positive reviews from players.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

This game is an ode to Hindu mythology and the epics of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The player embodies Raji, who embarks on a quest to find his brother kidnapped by demons. Along their journey, players will have to explore Hindu architecture, interpret the conversations of the gods, and fight enemies using mythological weapons. The action is sublimated by unique and well finished graphics, inspired by the paintings of Pahari. The warm colors are combined with a perfect soundtrack for a completely immersive experience. This game has received a very enthusiastic feedback from both critics and players.

Gamedev Beatdown

Released in 2021, this unique and offbeat game offers you to play the role of a developer. Your goal will be to develop a brand new turn-based combat game while enduring harassment and criticism from your colleagues. With a good dose of humor, this meta-game offers the player the opportunity to see what the steps are to create a video game. Will you make the right decisions to make your game come to life?

Museum of Dubious Splendors

We won’t go into detail about this game, as it may spoil the beauty of the experience for the player who might be interested in discovering this title. The Museum of Dubious Splendors is a collection of Indian Gujarati poems by Mir Omar Hassan. The action takes place in a world called Somewhere… It’s up to you to discover it! This video game is unique and fascinating, and the visuals are simply sublime as all the titles of the studio Oleomingus. Through video games, the studio tries to explore the past and to upset the unique and reductive vision we have of it. The challenge is audacious!

In 2023, new games devellloped by Indian studios will be released, in the meantime you have enough to stay entertained for hours!

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